6 Interesting things today




  • Check out the VELLUM digital gallery! Their first exhibition Dear Diary is great! The theme is art journals, and there’s some pretty interesting ones in there. In particular, I like the work by MARIE-JOSÉE LÉTOURNEAU as you can see above. You can visit her blog here and her flickr here.
  • Yoko Ono is encouraging people to join her remembering and honoring John Lennon at his birthday October 9 by sending their wishes for peace to the Imagine Peace Tower at a certain time of the day. Read more over at her blog 100 Acorns.
  • I love all kinds of journals. Right now, I have a crush on mixed paper journals, for example this one from Found Paper Co on etsy. Wouldn’t they be great for gathering inspiration and random notes?
  • If you haven’t checked it out already, I recommend Smittenkitchen. It’s a food blog with great images and stunning recipes. We recently tried the Classic Brownie recipe and it was so good! I imagine the random Surprise me button is great for days when you don’t know what to make for dinner!
  • I’m going to London next week and I’ll definitely pick up some Park Stories and go read them in Regents Park! And while we’re at it check out Ox-Tales which are collections of short stories written by british authors. They only cost £5 each and £3.50 goes to Oxfam.
  • I just fell in love with the photography by Asterisque Morte on flickr.I really like ones with the forest and the mist. She also has a blog!

    Photo by Asterisque Morte

    Photo by Asterisque Morte


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