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When one of my readers, Essie, requested a post on perfect days, I was thrilled!

Who doesn’t dream about that perfect day? Still, a lot of people don’t really know what their perfect days would be like. Dreaming takes you nowhere! You have to work to reach your goals, and I have created a little recipe to help you on your way:

Essential Tips

Only define a perfect day in terms you can control! You can’t plan for sunshine or only nice customers at work. You can’t control everything, and you shouldn’t rely upon external factors to define your day. Plan your perfect day when it comes to what you can control, and you’ll see that you can handle the uncontrollable way better too!

– Similarly, don’t rely on others to make your day! Don’t think that a perfect day could only be spent with your boyfriend, best friend or family member. Rely on yourself! This doesn’t mean that you can’t include spending time with friends and family, just don’t let them ruin your day if they let you down.

Recipe for a Perfect Day

1. Imagine. You have to spend some time figuring out what would be the perfect day for you. There is no universal recipe for the perfect day, you will have to figure it out for yourself. If you could do anything tomorrow, what would it be? Forget about school, work or other commitments. At this stage, even forget about economical restraints. Visualize your perfect day.

2. Write it down. Get it on paper, fast! You don’t want to your plans to be vague and general. By writing it down, you are forced to make your thoughts more concrete and narrow it down. Write your own recipe! You can also make lists of your perfect days in terms of seasons, occasions and economies. How about that perfect spring/summer/fall/winter day? Perfect work day? Perfect day off? Perfect low-budget day? Perfect indulge day? There are no limits! Plan!

3. Analyze. Spend some time analyzing your plan(s). What makes these elements the important pieces of your perfect day(s)? For me, I know inspiration is a vital essence. Maybe the alone time is yours? Or family time? It could be anything, really. The important part is to figure it out so you can use it later.

4 . Integrate. If your perfect day is not possible to realize during the first couple of days, integrate some of the elements into your daily life. Are there any gaps in tomorrow’s schedule? Could you do something in your lunch break or after work? Make use of what you have already identified. If the most important part of your dream day is to spend time with friends, make sure you do that tomorrow. Even a phone call might help lift your mood! If your trigger is inspiration, read a magazine or spend 20 minutes creating an inspiration wall. There are so many possibilities to make parts of your dream day come true, even if you don’t have any free time in the next days.

5. Just do it. No excuses now! You have already figured out what you want to do, created a recipe, figured out what you love and made plans on how to integrate it tomorrow. Now you just have to do it. Make it a top priority! Let nothing ruin your plan. If you have school/work and other commitments, make sure you set a date when you have no obligations to have your perfect day!

6. Repeat. What makes a perfect day changes over time. It changes with our life situation, our priorities and our schedule. This means you can repeat this exercise once in a while. Make sure you keep what you have written down, and eventually you will have a whole cook book with amazing perfect day recipes!

My perfect day

I would wake up early, and start the day with the radio on and  a cup of tea, followed with a nice breakfast.

I would start the day with a visit to a museum. I prefer contemporary art, and we have a great museum here with a great collection. A trip to the natural history museum would also be great.

Then I would go to a cafe and sit down with more tea and a cupcake. I would take notes in my pretty notebook and read an exciting novel.

After lunch I would visit some of my favorite stores. Not necessarily for shopping, but for inspiration. While walking from place to place I would take lots and lots of photographs. In particular, I would like to spend hours at the city’s biggest bookstores. Maybe make a wish list of books.

I love to eat great food, so the evening would consist of home cooking with candles, a lit fireplace and a glass of wine. After dinner, it’s time for reading blogs and maybe write a little post for my own blog. And then I would relax with a novel before bed.

What would your perfect day be like?

Come back for my next post on how find time and make your perfect day a reality.


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Jodi March 16, 2010 at 9:27 pm



Kate March 16, 2010 at 9:58 pm

I would awake with light streaming through the curtains into my room, and I would be free to spend time just lying there enjoying the moment.

Then my beau would bring me pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast in bed… then… um, not sure I can write the rest here.. hehe x

Followed by a day spent in the sunshine, searching for hidden gems at a car boot fair, and a long lazy pub lunch that stretches late into the afternoon, with lots of pear cider. Finally, a nice walk by the Thames to watch the sun setting. Blissful!


Essie March 17, 2010 at 12:27 am

I thought about it after I asked you, and I came up with this:

– wake up around eight and have a healthy breakfast
– exercise (yoga, etc) for about an hour
– shower and dress
– go to a day spa and have a 30 minute sauna, a 30 minute Swedish massage, and some time in a sweat tent
– shower again!
– lunch on Hawthorne blvd
– leisurely book shop and have a delicious cup of coffee
– grocery shop (one of my most favorite things)
– rent a movie and buy a bottle of red wine to enjoy
– have dinner near my home
– finish off the day with the movie and wine, and maybe a clove cigarette to up the hedonism score


Maren March 17, 2010 at 1:18 am

I like this.

A perfect day for me would have to involve … well, a perfect day could be just about anything. Sun or rain, winter or summer, alone or with friends, inside or outside. Put it could preferably involve wine and a cigarette, if I may be so unhealthy.


emma March 17, 2010 at 6:47 pm

I’m going to post my answer to this on my blog, hope that you dont mind?

If you get a spare moment, please check out my new blog venture – fanciful photography – – I am devoting a blog to interviewing my favourite photographers!




Brandi March 22, 2010 at 6:24 am

Brilliant post. I’m going to get to thinking about this — I’ve never sat down and given it any thought before.


PixelHazard March 26, 2010 at 11:01 am

I love the positivity of this post it


Mary April 13, 2010 at 5:20 pm

My perfect day: I get up in the morning, feeling vital and full of energy. I give thanks to the Lord for the many blessings I have before me. I enjoy my coffee while reading my e-mails. I have more good news! Several more people have joined our team! My team is growing and I am not working the business anymore! Amazing!!

It’s a beautiful morning! I take the dogs for a ride in my new black Jag convertible and walk at the lake. We come home, the dogs are exercised and well rested, the kids are now awake. They are having friends of their own over for a full day’s adventures of boating, skiing, and sunning on the Malibu on Chautauqua Lake. It’s great to have the kids home with their friends seeing them having fun and listening to their stories. Mark and the kids are my life. I so enjoy their company!

Late morning/early afternoon, after the kids have left, Mark and I go for a ride in the Jag. FREEDOM!! I feel so free! The wind is blowing our hair. We are having an incredible day together. We go for a nice lunch on the lake. We are able to stop at antique shops and markets. Total complete FREEDOM! It feels just like the freedom we had when driving the Pacific Coastal Highway in California in the convertible we had rented.

We enjoy time with some friends in the afternoon at our new house’s(The Tassler’s)covered deck. There is no place on earth I would rather be, than be at home with good friends!We have amazing friends that are like-minded, and we have SO much fun with them! We are drinking wine, enjoying cheese and crackers. The kids come in and we all decide to go for a nice dinner at a local restaurant. No cooking for me!! The kids, their friends, and our friends are all connecting are really great levels! Lots and lots of laughs! People are looking at us as if we were crazy! We are having too much fun! After dinner, everyone back to the house for more refreshments and cards, and some go swimming in the lake, as well as soaking in the hot tub on the deck.

Before retiring to bed, I once again give thanks for our health, our wealth, our kids, friends, home, etc. I have so much to be grateful for! My business has enabled me to help so many other people and grow in so many ways. I am able to send money to people who have made a huge difference in my life, and they don’t know who the money comes from. I know who I would send money to. The people that have really influenced my life. People that always give so much without ever expecting anything back. I feel so blessed I am able to do that! Thank you Lord for giving me direction, and making me the person/leader I am so I could help others attain their goals as well. I am feeding 10 children thru NTC per month, and donating monthly to Camp Good Days. And, blessings to those who are homeless, starving,etc.

I can sleep well, as I have still made a difference in peoples lives today, and have had another ‘perfect day’.


Amelia August 8, 2013 at 1:44 pm

I planned a perfect day a couple of weeks ago to have with 2 other friends of mine for 2 weeks from now. I’m only 16, so to have the freedom to do whatever is out of reach, I just had to stick with simple things.
So my plan for that day, is wake up at 7ish and go and have a lovely shower followed by a great breakfast. Get changed and do my hair and then leave by 8:30am. Go to Melisa’s house (One of the friends) and help prepare some food for the picnic. After we’d go to the place we were all meeting up (leave at 10:30) and go buy some food for the picnic, and put money on our travel cards etc. then we’ll get the train and be on our way by 11am, and get to Hyde park at like 12? Then we’d settled down and munch on the food. Then we’d go for a walk around the area, we’ll even check out Leicester square and Buckingham palace and big Ben whilst taking pictures of everything and by 2pm we’ll start heading to the Criterion Theatre where I had booked tickets to go watch The 39 Steps. After we’ll go buy a coffee or ice cream and chill out in a café before we decide to start making our way back home. When I take them both home I’ll make my way back home but before I’ll buy a lovely cake for my mum cause, a way to happiness is through the mother’s happiness! Once I do get home I’ll get changed and help mum set the table for dinner and enjoy one of her lovely meals and then help clean up afterwards (well the majority of time I spend ‘cleaning’ is me dancing to the hairspray soundtrack). After that I’ll head off to bed and watch a couple of episodes of Supernatural and then go to sleep.

To be honest I could have tons of perfect days, I’m not really bothered, it’s just as long as I’m with the people that I care about, then it automatically is a perfect day. The only thing about this day is that we’re hoping the weather will be nice but if not we’ll find a way to have a laugh! If it’s raining we’ll find shelter I guess? I’m just excited about spending a day with food and theatre with my best mates!


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