Replace your to-do list: 100 Irresponsible & liberating (+slightly crazy) things to do instead


I might be slightly crazy.

I do things that people don’t normally do. I see things that people don’t normally see.

But no, I’m not talking about seeing ghosts and hearing voices here. I’m talking about following dreams and seeing opportunities. (Duh.)

And that makes me slightly — uhm –less normal. Because society is not currently cut out for people who don’t follow the masses.  I bet you really want to do every single thing on this list. But you probably won’t. And that makes me really sad. What would everyone think?

Liberation is a path for the brave.

1|| Call in sick (invent an illness that sounds embarrassing and serious, and you won’t get asked any more questions. . . )

2|| Hijack someone’s day and take them out for a treat (showing up at your friends workplace in tears and explaining there’s an emergency might get her/him a day off. . . ).

3|| Break up with a ‘friend’. “honey, it’s not you — it’s me”.

4|| Leave the dirty dishes on the table until tomorrow, or postpone any other thing you do just because you should. (cra–zy, I know. )

5|| Cancel all your obligations today for no other reason than that you’re happy.

6|| Book a ticket to somewhere and fly off TODAY. (I’ve done it – why shouldn’t you?)

7|| Stay in bed all day and eat lots of cookies and other crumbly things.

8|| Only eat pink food. Tips:  marshmallows, lobster, raspberries, pink lemonade, salmon, yoghurt . . . to name a few.

9|| Quit your job. (okay, this one is a classic, but there’s usually a good reason why something becomes a classic. . . )

10|| Cut your hair (or even better, cut someone else’s. . . )

11|| Dine & dash (Or don’t. Actually, I don’t want you to do anything illegal.)

12|| Open your window and sing your favourite song out loud.

13|| Write a declaration of your genius. Post it everywhere, including in the comments.

14|| Call all your friends (and I mean ALL of them) and have an impromptu come-as-you-are house party.

15|| Be rude to someone who pisses you off included, but not limited to: your boss, your parents, your friend, a total stranger.

16|| Become a veg(etari)an.

17|| Go buy yourself something that will make yourself feel totally lush and luxurious.

18|| Climb a tree and sit there all day.

19|| Decide to take a year off your work or studies to travel the world. Figure out the details later.

20|| Throw out your TV.

21|| Tell a white lie if it would make someone feel better.

22|| Create a new resume where you highlight your top personal achievements, and don’t include your formal qualifications

23|| Ask someone you don’t know out for a coffee (or even better, ask someone you like out on a date!)

24|| Cut off all contact with a family member that makes you feel bad.

25|| Drop at least one obligation that doesn’t serve you anymore.

26|| Make a video of yourself and post it on youtube. Promote it like hell.

27|| Go cinemarathoning. Head to your local cinema and watch movies all day.

28|| Sit on a bus with no destination in mind and just watch people.

29|| Pretend to be a tourist at your city’s tourist attractions & take lots of pictures.

30|| Eat what you want and don’t worry about your weight (or health). I suggest cupcakes.

31|| Enter at least 100 competitions online. (tip: create a new email address to save you from lots of future spam). Today might be your lucky day!

32|| Sneak in to a gym or swimming hall and use the sauna.

33|| Dress up in your best outfit even just to go to the store.

34|| Wear 10 inch heels no matter what you’re doing, if that makes you feel good.

35|| Walk to work, even if it means you’ll be hours late.

36|| Gamble online just a little tiny bit just for the fun of it.

37|| Start a club/organization/charity for freedom fighters and unconventional people.

38|| Write a sign, sit down on the street and beg for money to buy ice cream.

39|| Get a tattoo or piercing.

40|| Colour your hair in a bright and unnatural colour.

41|| Say no when someone asks for your help. Don’t explain.

42|| Give all your things to charity.

43|| Quit smoking/drinking/biting your nails or any other bad habit. No down-phasing. Just a plain cut.

44|| Take your bicycle on the train or bus to the top of a hill and ride with the wind in your hair down again

45|| Start a small business. Don’t wait for pom-poms, confetti or trumpets playing before you start. Just do it.

46|| Call in to your favourite radio show and request your favourite song. Use the opportunity to get some publicity and to say hi to your mum!

47|| Get a make-over from a professional stylist. Or your friend. Or mum. Good luck.

48|| Negotiate a pay rise, up your coaching prices or double your product price. See what happens.

49|| Take a swim in the ocean or nearby lake. Disregard the temperature.

50|| Sign up for a marathon. Then run like hell.

51|| Move abroad.

52|| Speak only in Morrissey lyrics.

53|| Practice doing a perfect handstand all day long.

54|| Define a thing you shouldn’t do and then do it anyway.

55|| Crash a wedding.

56|| Turn down a great offer because it doesn’t feel right

57|| Invite strangers to a home-cooked feast. I suggest Indian food.

58|| Start a collection of found objects. Erasers and stickers will do to.

59|| Apply for the low-wage job you’ve always dreamt of. Waiting tables anyone? Cleaning toilets? Careful what you wish for..

60|| Send your application for Big Brother. Or Top Model. Or your favourite talk-show?

61|| Audition (for something — Anything). Ready-set-action!

62|| Cold-call someone you always wished to get to know. Or work for. Or collaborate with.

63|| Learn something new. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn in a day.

64|| Haggle at the grocery store. You’ll never know if it works if you don’t try!

65|| End your apartment lease and find somewhere new to live

66|| Move around all the furniture in your house

67|| Be late to an appointment & don’t apologize.

68|| Go to a theme park and ride the roller-coaster 10 times in a row.

69|| Delete your online presence. Yes, your Facebook. Yes, your twitter. Yes, your blog. I know you want to… I wonder if you’ll actually die in RL too…?

70|| Drink a bottle of sparkly wine. For breakfast. (Okay, I warned you, the things on this list are irresponsible, mkay? And I’m running out of ideas here…)

71|| Start a band! If you don’t have mad guitar skillz, go for drums or vocals instead.

72|| Reschedule your deadline. There’s a reason it’s called a DEAD-line. Duh.

73|| Become a groupie for your favourite band. Or any band that is in town.

74|| Wear a hood & sunglasses all day and pretend to be famous.

75|| Go to your local museum (or library) and run through the corridors.

76|| Go to the top of the highest building in town. Look down.

77|| Jump on a train to somewhere. Anywhere.

78|| Organize flash mob!

79|| Apply for colleges and universities. Go for the courses you always wanted to do but never did. Now wait and see what the future might bring.

80|| Try to speak to everyone you meet. Say hi to strangers and approach interesting people. Who knows, you might pass by your future best friend on the street today.

81|| Go through all your old magazines and make a massive inspiration board that fills an entire wall.

82|| Write love-notes to strangers and put them into books at bookstores or a library.Write your email address at the back and wait for a reply.

83|| Go on a local safari. Take your camera and photograph as many different animals as you can in your neighbourhood.

84|| Walk out on something big, like an exam, a job interview or a meeting with someone important.

85|| Go to a spa for the day. Use your credit card.

86|| Head to your local IKEA and spend the day lounging.

87|| Finger-paint like a child and send your artwork to galleries with a pretentious artist statement.

88|| Come up with a crazy project and start your Kickstarter campaign. (silently pray that you won’t get enough money to do said crazy idea)

89|| Start writing a novel. If you write 1000 words an hour, you’re about halfway done in the next 24 hours.

90|| Light a fire and walk on coal.

91|| Call your local skydiving club and sign up for a tandem. Negotiate a great deal by flirting with your tandem partner.

92|| Bake lots of cakes and cupcakes and have a sale!

93|| Start a sleep-deprivation project. Try to stay up for 48 hours and do something creative the whole time.

94|| Commit to something huge like no shopping for a year or to go to all the countries in the world.

95|| Have a tea party aka Alice in Wonderland. Invite the strangest people you know.

96|| Write letters to everyone you know and tell them exactly how you feel about them. The good and the bad.

97|| Forgive someone who once caused you terrible pain.

98|| Invent something that would make your life easier. A combined toothbrush & hair-dryer anyone?

99|| Go camping by yourself. Bring a tent and a sleeping bag. Add a novel and a notebook and you’re good to go!

100||   I have always dreamt of  _____________, but never done it because ___________, but I’d like to liberate myself from ________ . Today is the day!



What crazy and slightly “irresponsible” things have you done? What have you always dreamt of doing?


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María May 9, 2011 at 10:40 pm

Yes, yes, and yes. You rock, Marthe!


Marthe May 19, 2011 at 2:41 pm

Thank you thank you thank you!


Mark May 18, 2011 at 7:54 pm

Awesome list! Keep the rants and raves coming Marthe always looking forward to reading your stuff!


Marthe May 19, 2011 at 2:38 pm

Thank you!


Kaya November 14, 2011 at 6:14 pm

oh I love this list! I already am eyeing a few that I want to do SOON!
Thanks for this post. :)


Erin McNaughton January 12, 2012 at 4:30 am

I absolutely love this!!


gurinder May 8, 2012 at 1:50 am

thnkz man love it..


Reis May 12, 2012 at 3:29 am

i’ve already done a few, will do some more, didn’t know after googling i’d actually find this, thanks for the ideas.


Bri Biechler June 20, 2012 at 9:39 pm

For serious, this is my daily routine. I’m bored and trying to find something crazy to do and I’ve already done ALLLLL of this list!


Monica July 15, 2012 at 12:30 am

I loved that !


Sam July 31, 2012 at 11:38 pm

I love all of these ideas.. except the dine-and-dash one. I waited tables all through college and I know that if a table walks out without paying, the server has to pay. I am all for taking risks and being crazy as long as it does not hurt someone innocent. Please always pay your bill at a restaurant and tip your server!


Marthe August 4, 2012 at 5:22 pm

Hi Sam,

I hope you realize this list is not meant to be taken 100% seriously. But, I see your point regarding the dine and dash point. I’ll edit the post to make sure no one does anything that hurts others, thank you for pointing this out.



Fanteja August 9, 2012 at 2:21 am

Not a spam, just want to create a place for people to share their crazy stuff.
Follow Twitter:
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Hazel January 15, 2013 at 11:04 am

These arent Crazy things to do their Normal things to do that we dont usually do :LLLL


Tommy November 12, 2013 at 5:30 am


I’m nearly always right and give near perfect advice. when people take my advice things usually always work. Most of the time I can predict the future but only because I use logic and think about cause and effect. I used to think I was always wrong and everybody else was right. Now I usually know I’m right 99.9 percent of the time because I don’t say I’m right unless I know I’m right.

Unfortunately I like to do the opposite of what I know is right and see if I can predict what will happen next. And I’m usually right. This is a life ruining game I play with myself……. So I guess I’m an idiot actually


Robert February 12, 2014 at 11:26 pm

After reading this list I walked out to get my mail in shorts, mind you it is 30 degrees F, I then continued to walk past my mail box and walked around the neighborhood. YOLO jk. Although it was something so small it made me very happy seeing people look at me weird because i was wearing shorts. I then began to realize that that is who I am, I’m crazy and I love to do crazy things. I’ve become way too responsible, tommorow i’m quitting my job and dropping out of college. Jk thank you for your article!!!


Camilla April 17, 2014 at 1:35 pm

Oh my, you did an incredible job figuring out a list of that length! Already by reading I cried happy tears. Now I must find out how I feel when I’ve actually done one of the points!

Let’s do some crazy things guys!


trisha April 22, 2014 at 2:18 pm

thanx a ton.just reading your list made me liberal.will try definitely.


icethaw March 1, 2015 at 8:28 am

i loved it but i’m from iceland so i have done almost every thing there but some i will do next summer :P but most of all i would love to go to space :P i love you all


Trench October 2, 2015 at 6:07 am

I cleaned the snow off my car this morning, naked. That was before I even read about anything on this site.

Not a genius. Usually just trying to get by.
I’m smarter than almost everyone that I have met .


Samara October 11, 2016 at 11:07 pm

I would like to try sea diving with my friends this Halloween. ;)


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