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A jewellery designer and zine publisher, an energic life coach with superpowers, another soulful and present life coach with who can help you with your maybe baby question, a bareful living guide (how awesome is that?) and an online brand architect – this is a gathering of inspiring people!! Since the numbers of sponsors have increased rapidly, this is the first of two posts where you get to meet the people behind the ads you can see on your right there. (If you’re reading this in a reader, you’ve got to come on over and see for yourself!) Remember, I wouldn’t recommend these people and products if I didn’t believe in them 100 %. Enjoy!

Jess Van Den •• Bespoke Zine •• Epherell Designs


Jess Van Den is a full-time crafty lady and creative entrepreneur from Australia. She makes eco-friendly modern jewellery from recycled sterling silver under the brand Epheriell as well as blogging daily at and publishing *bespoke* zine ( – a tri-annual crafty print zine full of inspirational goodness!

She’s quite the online chatterbox, so chances are you’ll catch her on twitter (@JessVanDen) if you want to say hi!

Jana Schuberth •• Life Coach


Jana Schuberth is a lady who will challenge you with calm and kindness to find ways to pursue the work you are truly excited about and design a lifestyle that fits with your definition of happiness. Apart from powerful coaching skills (see her testimonials here), Jana brings 10 years of experience in the Marketing and Finance sector with her and clearly walks her talk having left the corporate world as a Chartered Accountant behind in the pursuit of true fulfilment. Whilst her chickens, lots of books and a decaf coffee at Starbucks make her dizzily happy, Jana becomes a source of inspiration to others when sharing her knowledge in workshops or speaking engagements. Working with her will leave you refreshed, full of energy and a clear direction. You can connect with Jana on her blog, on Facebook and Twitter.

Randi Buckley •• Maybe Baby


Randi Buckley is a storm tamer. She coaches women through inner and interpersonal conflict, and conscious evolution to find peace with their truth.
She is the creator of Maybe Baby, a coaching journey for women ambivalent about motherhood but hear the whisper of “maybe” in their heart, after her own journey living that question. Randi is an internationally sought-after coach known for her compassion, humor, depth, and presence. She speaks the language of the soul. She has a trove of coaching certifications and a cadre of degrees but are favorite tools are a trinity of intuition, wisdom and playful mischief.

Dani •• The Barefoot Living Guide


I believe in universal awesomeness.
I believe that you have amazing things to share with the world.
I believe that connecting with your inner truth is the key to getting out of your own way.
I believe that you are the the only thing standing between your message and the people that are ready and willing to hear it.
I can help you get there.
Hi! I’m Dani. I dance in mud puddles, play in the snow, write, and teach. I poke things with sticks, and I love asking the questions that you might not want to hear.
Because it’s not about doing the “right thing”, or following Ten Easy Steps to Success. It’s about getting connected to what you already know.
Learn more about universal awesomeness and following your path in the free Barefoot Living Guide, check out the blog, or connect with me on Facebook.

Halley Gray •• Life of Something New


Come on over to Life of Something New where climbing in the sky, concocting classy chocolates and traveling like a local is an everyday occurrence. Halley is the lead adventurer of Life of Something New. She is an Online Brand Architect for life coaches who want more of their favorite clients.

Head on over to their sites and say hello to my wonderful sponsors!


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