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A magazine for wild women, a blog that will DELIGHT you, a woman with an awesome hat that will engage you with wonderful nonsense, a creative gun for hire and a life coach who might be the best connector and inspirator you have ever met. Needless to say – these sponsors are rocking it! I’m so proud to introduce you to the lovely ladies behind the brands, most of whom I’ve been blessed to get to know on a personal basis too. I’m even meeting Casey and Kimberley in Melbourne next week! It goes without saying that these sponsors aren’t all after your money, they really want to get to know you and make friends! So head over to their sites, explore and be inspired.

Wild Sister Magazine

Wild Sister is an online empowerment magazine for women who want inspiration, and who believe that by empowering women we can change the world.

Created and written by artists, coaches, mamas, seekers, bloggers, lovers, creatives, gypsies, entrepeneurs, muses, and authors, Wild Sister is positive media. We focus on promoting self-love, inner exploration, sisterhood, and empowerment.

Wild Sister Magazine liberates souls by delivering authentic inspiration and jaw-dropping graphics, layered and mixed into creations that spark. We share stories that empower, wisdom that transforms, and truth that awakens the core.

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Dream. Delight. Inspire – Kimberley Smith

Dream. Delight. Inspire. is a blog that was created to do just that. Help you DREAM of places you want to go, things you want to achieve, who you’d like to become. DELIGHT you by writing imaginative, quirky, informative, sometimes (okay, often) rambling posts that will hopefully bring a smile to your face. INSPIRE you in every way, to make you see that anything is possible.

Kimberley Smith, the blonde-headed Sagittarius behind this blog, writes to motivate people to really look at their lives and make choices that are going to lead them down the path of adventure and happiness.

Sir Flamingo – Casey Addinsall

Sir Flamingo* is surprisingly enough, a fine lady.  She’s a Jubilation Catalyst and muse, engaging feel good nonsense all day long.  Having walked under a lacklustre rain cloud herself and come out a bundle of light, Sir’s mission is to encourage and inspire people everywhere to pimp their standards, do whatever it takes to get their cells dancing and make a mark with their divine journey.  We’re here for a good time, not a long time she says, so let’s make it count.  She’s a writer of all things, lover and can be found dancing in the street more often than not.  If you see her, do stop and say ‘ello because she loves good banter.


*though since people have difficulty with the juxtaposition of her feminine charms and noble title… she also rolls Casey. You may choose.

(ps. credit to that lovely image you see next to Casey goes to Nicholas Tassone)


Emma Alvarez Gibson

Emma Alvarez Gibson is a creative gun for hire. (From input on screenplays and brand strategies to copywriting and music production, if it needs doing, she can very probably do it.) Currently she’s working on a novel, a seminar for women in business, a digital product for entrepreneurs, and a cabaret act. She bemoans the mere 24 hours allotted to each day, and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and son.

Love Work Now – Jana Schuberth

Jana Schuberth is a lady who will challenge you with calm and kindness to find ways to pursue the work you are truly excited about and design a lifestyle that fits with your definition of happiness. Apart from powerful coaching skills, Jana brings 10 years of experience in the Marketing and Finance sector with her and clearly walks her talk having left the corporate world as a Chartered Accountant behind in the pursuit of true fulfilment.

Whilst her chickens, lots of books and a decaf coffee at Starbucks make her dizzily happy, Jana becomes a source of inspiration to others when sharing her knowledge in workshops or speaking engagements. Working with her will leave you refreshed, full of energy and a clear direction.
Would you love to be featured together with these amazing people? Become a proud sponsor of The Freedom Experiment and help me spread the message about self-love, lifestyle design and making dreams come true!



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Mama Nature June 10, 2012 at 7:48 am

I adore your sponsors! I hope to be sponsored soon :)


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