What do a life coach, two bloggers and an authenticity e-course have in common?


…They are all players on my sponsorship team! Of course!

A life and business coach who is the sweetest person ever, a blog where love and logic meet, a blog about travelling as a solo woman around the world, a 7-step system to authenticity and deep happiness – don’t you just love my sponsors? I can assure you that all of these women are one hundred percent totally adorable human beings with only one mission: to make your life more wonderful and exciting. Go on over and say hello, I promise you my people will receive you with love, support and a real wish to get to know you.

Tanya Geisler • Board of Your Life

Tanya Geisler is a certified business and life coach who simply cannot and will not shake her indomitable belief that if everyone knew and lived their values, they’d hold the key to shining in their life, in their work and in their life’s work. (Now, wouldn’t THAT make for a far more joyous world?) A catalyst, not a therapist, she wrote The Joy Pages , created Board of Your Life , and speaks with great passion on all things joy, meaning and purpose.


Jessica • Faith Permeating Life

Faith Permeating Life is a place for discussion around topics that really matter: faith, marriage, money, sex, work, happiness. It’s where love and logic meet, where faith and reason walk hand-in-hand. Jessica intersperses tips for living well with posts to challenge your preconceptions about the world, then throws open the comment section to learn from your experiences. The conversation begins on the blog and continues on Twitter and Facebook.

Stephanie • The Queer Nomad

German by birth, Londoner by heart, Stephanie is traveling the world as a single lesbian woman in her mid-20s. Without any savings to speak of, she dropped out of the rat race and embarked on the adventure of trying to make a living as freelance translator and writer. The Queer Nomad is her blog about life as an invisible minority, acceptance, travelling as a solo woman and living outside the box without being a crazy hippy (well, most of the time…). It’s also about culture, languages, theatre and other art forms, food and much too much about her big love, Japan, and how it is perfectly possible to travel/live there and in other supposedly “expensive” or “dangerous” places.

 Rachel • Soul Gypsy

What if there was a clear step-by-step process designed to radically transform your life in just ten weeks? Would you do it? Soul Gypsy invites you on a journey to nurture your Roots and spread your Wings.
Roots & Wings is a 7 Step System to living an authentic life, with the exact information you need to reconnect with the most authentic part of yourself and find deep happiness that connects your soul and touches your spirit. Participants describe Roots & Wings as sacred, perfect teaching, powerful and life enhancing. Full of insider secrets, ingenious cutting edge exercises and personal breakthroughs, it is a must-read and a valuable secret weapon against apathy. Tap into 7 clear steps that will crack the code of why you aren’t fulfilling your potential so that you can once again offer your unique gifts to the world and reclaim your happiness.Roots and Wings is staged online in a self-paced format, allowing you to access all the course material anytime, anywhere, 24/7. There are no cut off dates for joining. Start when desired.
Do you want your 15 minutes (wait, make that one month or more!) in the spotlight? Do you want to support my quest to make the world a better place for us all? Do you want to reach hundreds and thousands of amazing people just like yourself?

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Working with Marthe was fun and inspiring. I found her passion infectious – it’s no wonder her site is so popular. I hope to work with her again in the future: attracting people like Marthe to my work, with her help, is a beautiful thing.

Kathryn Hogan


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