Words of Wisdom – Life is Short




But with some moderations…

Cake in the morning, be unresponsible, say yes, say no, cancel those plans, change your mind. It’s all up to you! However, before you stop doing something you don’t want to do – spend a couple of minutes to dig into the reason why you’re doing it. To please others? To please yourself? To be nice? Because it is expected of you?

While it’s nice to do whatever you want, it is also important to think a little further before you do something that will give you instant gratification.

It’s all about priorities.

Are those five minutes of doing the dishes every evening worth it to keep your flatmates happy? Or can you afford a little complaining while you work on your dream for a few nights?

Staying conscious about priorities and consequences, while still keeping your focus on your happiness is key to living a life with excitement, joy and happiness. Life is too short to do anything else!

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Alex August 1, 2012 at 2:57 am

This is a beautiful post!


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