I’m so glad you’re here. You’re in growth. Me too. We may be planted in dirt, I know it’s hard. But I also know that wildflowers have the brightest colors. Let me help you bloom!

But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Marthe…  and I’m a motivational writer, yoga teacher, speaker and mentor. In all honesty, this is where I could write “I help people blah blah blah blah blah”. But you know what? Rather than proclaiming how I can help you, I want us to truly connect. Because I believe that the power to achieve amazing things … is all yours. 

When we human beings work together, we become stronger. And when you feel empowered, you help yourself to create a life, relationships and/or a business built on sustainability and inner power. I’d love to be your secret weapon and partner in success, but you’re the one who can take full credit for what you achieve. You are the star.


No matter what you have been through…  I believe in your power to heal and grow strong in the broken places.

I think that… what makes us vulnerable also makes us strong. And I know for a fact that on the other side of fear is a golden land full of opportunity.

The Freedom Experiment… is a place where possibility and vulnerability meet over a cup of tea. It started as a personal blog in 2009 and has slowly grown into a movement. The blog is still the place I go when I need to turn wounds into wisdom, and fear into flow. And I want it to be the place you go to be uplifted, held, nourished and loved. I’ll meet you there!

It took me nearly 25 years to find the courage to go deep within myself to find the answers. My biggest fear was that I would meet myself and find nothing there. I did it anyway and I am now at a place where I can say it proudly: This is who I am. 

My mission is to… contribute to changing the world with weapons such as openness, gentle compassion and a whole lotta positive love!

I’ve been walking the streets of… more than 30 countries. I normally walk on pavements (I’m a city girl).

I feel most electrified & powerful… When I’m jamming & brainstorming new ideas, strategizing & inspiring others. I’m in my element when I’m writing at a café when the world is buzzing by.

Some of the compliments people give me are… that I’m inspiring, glowing, talented and creative.

People always tell me that… I give them exactly what they need at just the right time.

My goal is to… serve as many people as possible with my wisdom, my sensitivity and my stories.

I can help you with… finding answers to the big questions, connect with yourself and make a lifestyle change. And so much more! I am full to the brim!

I have written… a book called Feeling Good when Life is Hard, blog posts, poems, and stories. My writing is lavish and ablaze.

I have been… around the world twice, watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat, watching the sun set at Machu Picchu, swimming with wild dolphins, riding an elephant. I live life to the fullest!

I am… a fighter.  A dreamer. A believer.

I’m attracted to… poetry, spirituality, beautiful words, New York, cargo trains, smoke, feathers, mandalas, yoga, entrepreneurship, prosecco and deep vulnerable conversations. And I would love to meet you over a virtual cup of chai!

Over the years, I have learned one thing about making dreams come true: It’s hard to beat someone who never gives up.

In the last couple of years, I’ve inspired and uplifted more than 1 million readers a year, coached & mentored more than 100 clients, and been speaking at events, workshops, online TV, podcasts and radio. Everything I do is built on the foundation of openness and possibility.

I draw on my own personal experience, my Martha Beck coaching training, my background in law and my intuition to help you see opportunities you didn’t know you had, feel strengths you couldn’t access – and re-discover the burning passion you lost along the way.

It’s about widening horizons.

The magic is in the paradox of flying high and still being grounded. To be wild and still feel safe. To be gentle – and yet fierce.

It’s about Freedom. And Experimentation.

It’s about you.

Everything is possible!

Let’s go.








This is what some people say…

When you meet Marthe it feels like you have just met someone very special. All of a sudden the world shifts to vibrant colors and depth. It becomes 3D. And that’s because when Marthe speaks the truth is in every word she utters. Your soul yearns to hear it and embrace it. It is an honor to know her.”
—Christina Rasmussen, Author & speaker

Marthe is like a glowing torch in the dim light of the evening. Soft, yet powerful…and necessary. This woman has about 1000 years of wisdom contained in one deceptively human-like form. But don’t be fooled.  She’s a superhuman through and through. She’s also a superfriend and a superguide and a supersoft place to land when you need it.
—Heather Thorkelson, Business coach

Marthe is one of the most inspirational people I know. Her writing is simply stunning and I am excited to receive her posts in my inbox every week. She is gentle, soulful, deep, spiritual, trusting, vulnerable and has a phenomenal eye for detail, the beauty of words. Marthe moves by sharing her experiences and tools to cope with life openly, helping to reflect and inspires often simply by walking her path with conviction and compassion. I am honoured to have her in my life!
—Jana Schuberth, Career design coach

You know those people you meet and with whom you instantly feel comfortable? Like you’ve known them for a hundred (or more) years? That’s Marthe. She exudes compassion and has a deep knowing about the mystery of life. She’s one of the best listeners I’ve ever met! What I find most intriguing, is her willingness to be so vulnerable and to share herself and her heart, so openly with the world. She never ceases to amaze and inspire me. I quite simply adore her!
—Stephanie Watanabe, The Girl Who Knows

Marthe is an inspiring, unique and brilliant soul. After overcoming her own struggles and vulnerability, she has taken the lessons she has learned and used her wisdom write books and programs to heal the soul and help others transcend diffculties. Her inspiring words of wisdom are always of comfort to me and I look up to her as a coach, writer, healer and friend. My feeling is that she is here on this planet to make a huge impact in the lives of many and to help them see the beauty and power that lies within themselves.
—Tracy Matthews, Designer & business mentor

Marthe is one of the most gifted writers of our present time. Not only is Marthe wise beyond her years, but her words are magical and touch you in your deepest core. The world is a better place because of her and I can’t wait to see how she impacts our world with her wonderful message and beautiful writing. I feel blessed to call Marthe a friend and soulmate and I know she’s the real deal.
—Anne-Sophie Reinhardt, Writer & body image coach

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