Coaching for Life


Currently fully booked, but all my clients are free spirits. Openings may occur. Please contact me to know more.


“Coaching with Marthe was such a gift. Her approach was the right balance of gentle and understanding, while also challenging me with the right questions that opened perspectives I didn’t give much value to before. She opens a space for healing, transformation and possibility.”

—Julie, Canada,

“ Marthe you were so helpful to me by listing to all my troubles and directing me towards the center of what is most important to all of us and that is our believe in ourselves first and then the believe in truth for those around us.After so much time and attention you were able to help me regain my center and help me with what was most important to me out of all the different problems that I faced.  One by one each problem was dealt with and order was achieved. Thank you again for helping me through one of the most problematic times of my life.  I now am on my way and regaining the drive and determination that I needed to tackle all of my problems and solving them one at a time.  I would recommend your services to anyone that has trouble that they don’t think they can solve.  Marthe can help you and order can be restored.

—Cory, United States,


“After having unpleasant experiences, I was looking for alternatives to traditional methods of therapy and that’s how I came across Marthe. Her approach to healing immediately resonated with me: Marthe is compassionate and her sessions break the traditional subject-object dynamics that made me uncomfortable with therapists. From Marthe, I’ve learnt that the path of healing doesn’t consist merely in identifying what’s wrong with you & fixing it. On the contrary, it is easier to change things by acknowledging & focusing on the positive aspects of your life. All of these are just some of the many reasons why I feel blessed to have Marthe in my life. ”

—Catalina, Canada,


“I contacted Marthe because her writings spoke to me with a sense of intimacy & warmness of the soul I rarely find. I came to her with a specific problem about my life and discovered much more than a solution to my initial question. Marthe gently asks the right questions – which activated my own potential in a way I hadn’t seen before. Her kind-hearted guidance kicked me off into a life of more self-love & a deeper & grounded understanding of myself. Today I feel more connected to my true inner self than I ever did before & there is still a lot more to look forward to come along the way!”

—Martin Schlachter, Austria,


I’m forever grateful that I chose Marthe as a coach. She helped me realize that I wasn’t wrong in wanting more. She also helped me change decades-old beliefs that transformed my reality. On a tangible level, Marthe “gave me” the permission to only take on writing clients that I truly enjoyed, to charge more, and to be more direct in my personal and professional communication. Marthe remains a very dear friend to this day, and in April, she didn’t hesitate to jump on a call with me when I was struggling before the birth of my first child. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

—Carolina Baker, United Kingdom,

“Marthe has an elegant presence, she is thoughtful, exudes peace and radiates love. When you speak she not only hears you, she listens, closely. And then the softness lifts and Marthe will say something or ask a question that cuts straight to the heart of the matter. It’s with this strong fierce energy that she is able to guide you through the toughest of hurdles. If you want to set yourself free, Marthes strength will inspire you to take that leap.”

—Jayne Rusby, United Kingdom,

“My coaching session with Marthe was the most powerful hour I’ve spent in years. Marthe has a gift of asking questions that turn your world upside down and give you the opportunity to change the way you live, perceive yourself and your relationship with others. Her calm and reflective approach gives you room to be, reflect and reframe. I felt comfortable and taken care of and at the same time empowered. Marthe truly is one of a kind. “

—Anne-Sophie, Germany,


“Marthe is such a gem. Her deep insights were incredibly valuable and cut right to the core of what I needed to work through. Her approach is serenely calm, warmly encouraging and made me instantly feel comfortable and like we had known eachother for a long time. She asks the right questions to get you thinking in new ways and feeling like anything is possible. Her coaching is incredibly powerful.”

—Alyce Pilgrim, Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner,

“Marthe doesn’t say “everything is possible” lightly. She’s a firm believer in the endless opportunities that are out there for everyone, just waiting to be discovered, seized and lived. Her coaching is deeply grounded in her own experience of uncovering her possibilities and creating a meaningful life around it. <b>Look no further if you’re looking for a life coach that can get you from the seemingly impossible to a life lived to the fullest.</b> Marthe’s intuitive powers and her gentle, yet strong nature will make you feel you’re in good hands.”

—Nina Grenningloh, Los Angeles,

“When I started working with Marthe, I was feeling stuck and didn’t see a way out of it. I had never worked with a life coach before, and I was struggling to keep believing in my passion and that I could get a job doing what I love. The best part about working with Marthe was that she helped me believe that I can do anything I want if I put my mind to it and keep working towards it. I had a hard time to keep believing in myself and my ability to find the kind of work I was looking for. Because of our work together, I felt stronger and kept going to find that job. I am now happily working as a webdesigner/front-end developer at a great company with awesome colleagues!”

—Anouska, The Netherlands,

“I choose to work with Marthe because this coaching offer just spoke to me. My heart just said “yes, this feels right”. I was dwelling on life. Not feeling quite right. I wanted ways to find clarity. I was questioning life, love, myself, happiness. I had been thinking negatively more consistently and that’s not like me. After working with Marthe, I’m now actively thinking of positive things, things about my dreams, things that make me happy. I take more responsibility, worry less and feel more excited overall. Now I am on my way again.”

—Monique, Australia,

“I got in contact with Marthe during a transition period in my life. Her advice is honest, yet very respectful. She doesn’t judge and keeps a positive flow throughout her communication. Marthe made me feel like I had a therapist, a guide, and a best friend, even though we had contact through e-mail. Thanks to Marthe’s advice I started a new phase in my life and I am now a successful business owner with a healthy look on life. Thank you, Marthe.”

—Romana, The Netherlands,