Feeling Good When Life Is Hard



Dearest beautiful friend,

I know that you life isn’t always easy. I know that it sometimes just feels like it’s too much. I know that life can be hard.

Sometimes things happen. You loose your job, have to make difficult decisions, people you care about leave – and you always have too much to do.

And sometimes nothing really happens – which can be just as challenging – and you just feel really depressed and empty.

Life is hard. I get that.

It feels like treading water. 

At first, you can handle it. You tackle the challenges one by one. Obstacle by obstacle.

And then you start to wear out. You feel tired, unmotivated, overwhelmed and anxious.

You are still treading water – but you’re starting to feel like you might sink at any time. And you are really, really afraid of falling into the depth of darkness – depression, exhaustion or both. And on top of it all – you feel so incredibly, incredibly alone.

It’s hard.

I know. I have been there.

Depression, eating disorders, stress, fear of failure, self-destructiveness, intense emotions, challenging decisions, big moves, broken relationships – I have pretty much had it all.

During the darkest of days, I felt so alone it was excruciating. I could really, really have needed a trusted friend who understood.

And that’s why I wrote this book.

Let me help you through the darkness
and watch you walk into the light

I don’t have all the answers. I don’t have it all figured out. But I have found so many solutions, so many answers and so many things that work.

I want you to not only make it through, but thrive in the process. My wish for you is that you take care of yourself and learn to handle the hard life before it gets stormy. My wish for you is that you never feel alone again.

Let me be the one to hold your hand.
Let me raise you up.

Feeling Good when Life is Hard is a book about living a beautiful and meaningful life in the midst of great challenge. The book includes very personal and vulnerable stories from my own life, all of the wisdom that has helped me through, practical lists, how-to articles and worksheets. In addition you will find inspiring quotes, resources and playlists – among other things!


Want to know more? Take a look at the table of contents!


The details

  • 98 beautifully designed pages in .pdf format
  • 6 chapters
  • 10 worksheets
  • 6 very personal and vulnerable stories
  • Action steps
  • 3 playlists that can also be subscribed to in Spotify
  • List of resources, video and book recommendations

This is what you get

  • How to maximise your happiness with minimal effort
  • How to write a Love List
  • 10 Creative ways to cope with difficult emotions
  • How to take care of yourself during hard times
  • How to manage difficult conversations and be more open about who you really are
  • How to be more vulnerable online
  • How to use self-coaching to change your life and accept what seems unacceptable
  • How to use dreams to thrive during challenging times
  • How to keep your dreams alive


Wanna know what people say?

What a sweet companion to have when we’re on our knees. I wish I’d had Marthe Hagen’s Feeling Good When Life is Hard many times in my life. When you’re in despair knowing you’re not alone, knowing there’s at least a general common path to follow, and having wise words to turn to makes all the difference. This is what this book provides. In a world filled with “How to Be Happy” Marthe’s book is a refreshing and important resource.”
—Rachel W. Cole, Life Coach

Marthe, your thoughtfully written book, shines a light on those tough times (that we all face) – in a way that feels compassionate and powerfully transformative. I love how you broke it down into simple, actionable steps that all of us can take, to feel better when the sh*t hits the fan!  Your suggestions and recommendations are fun, light-hearted and seem so simple – yet (magically) they work!  I will be making my love-lists (and checking them twice)!  Thank you for your openness and vulnerability. You inspire me daily and are a great teacher my friend!”
—Stephanie Watanabe, Thegirlwhoknows.com

‘Inspiring’ is a word that’s banded around so much it’s almost beginning to lose its significance. It should be reserved for describing things like this book. Marthe has given us a breathtaking privilege by sharing a whole host of intimate stories from her courageous life. It’d be difficult not to relate to her tender anecdotes. As well as that, there’s goodness galore in the forms of sumptuous guidance and uncomplicated wisdom. Oh, and the design is simply stunning.

This book is like the big sister I always wanted, brandishing a steaming mug of tea and curling up to chat about life. Marthe understands, and she’s there. I’m so grateful for the inspiration she continues to provide, and inexpressibly proud to have her in my life. You probably need her in yours, too.”

—Rebecca Hunter, LifeCrush.com

‘Feeling Good when Life is Hard is different from the many self-help books out there. Marthe writes with such empathy, understanding and depth that you’ll have a hard time pulling yourself away from this book. Marthe gives you a glimpse into her own soul and by sharing her vulnerable side, she helps you discover your strengths, your slumbering inner power and your reasons for why this life, your life is and can be amazing. As a self-love and self-empowerment writer, I wholeheartedly feel that this book will help you on your journey to more peace and happiness. It’s a beautiful, soulful and heartfelt book that I know I’ll ready many times.”
—Anne-Sophie Reinhardt, Annesophie.us

I can’t begin tell you how much your e-book means to me. And it couldn’t come at a better time. This past year has been the toughest year of my life;  I was laid off from work, my boyfriend lied and cheated on me and is now engaged to someone else, my sister died of brain cancer, and I was working 4 part-time jobs at once to make ends meet. I’m currently now only working one job, but my heart just isn’t in it. Your personal story is so moving and so helpful. It really shows that even though this is a very dark time for me, I still have the strength and the capability to change my life and to shape it the way I want it to be.”
—Christine Cassidy, Buttonb.com

‘Feeling Good When Life is Hard tackles the difficult challenge of acknowledging deep personal feelings without being condescending or generic. I finished it feeling uplifted, inspired, liberated, bursting with creative energy. Ultimately, it fulfilled its promise of making me feel good. “Feeling Good When Life is Hard” is a must-have handbook for sprinkling daily life with those little bursts of happiness, but is also an ideal tool to keep close by just in case you ever need to break out of the blues.”
—Xandra Burns, Fashionablylight.com

I’m so proud of Marthe– both for sharing her story and for turning the experience into something that will (and has) help many people in similar situations. Life can get hard in an instant– and having the tools and the community to help you get through it can truly be a lifesaver. Even if you’re not unhappy or life is grand, this is a book you should peruse– everyone can use a little pick-me-up once in awhile and these worksheets and advice are the perfect fall-backs for those occasional rainy days.”
—Stephanie Marie, TheFeteblog.com


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