Freedom Coaching


I believe in freedom.

Not the kind of freedom you have to fight for. Not the kind of freedom that require chains and weapons, slogans and revolutions.

But gentle freedom. Freedom from within.

Freedom from suffering, freedom from limiting beliefs and freedom from self-loathing and despair. Freedom from those jail bars we hold up in front of our eyes wide with fear.

In other words, I believe in happiness, and supporting ourselves. I believe in self-love and empowerment. I believe that love is greater than fear. And that –

hope is the most important thing of all.

Because with inner freedom comes happiness, inspired action and a nourishing, sustainable life. With inner freedom comes the power to make all our dreams come true. With inner freedom comes energy, vitality and life force. With inner freedom – we step into our true selves and live life from the inside out.

It took being locked up for me to realize how vital freedom is to make a beautiful life. It took hitting rock bottom – with a big crash – for me to realize how much I yearned to live. And it almost took ending my life for me to realize that for most of my time on earth I hadn’t been truly alive. It took nearly dying for me to realize how much I wanted to be.

I made a decision then – in a hospital bed on suicide watch – that I would not wait. I would not push into the future what I could have right here and now.

Freedom. Dreams. Love.

I made the decision that I would not let anything stand in my way. Not fear. Not money. Not other people. Not even myself.

The reason why I didn’t do this sooner, was fear. I was so afraid that people wouldn’t accept me. Love me. Care about me.

To be honest, I was terrified of being laughed at. Disbelieved. Ridiculed.

Because when we go through this life getting served challenge after challenge after challenge – we loose faith in ourselves. We start thinking it’s impossible to make our dreams come true. We start thinking it is hopeless, that happiness is not meant for us. We think we are somehow less deserving of happiness, success, joy and love. We start believing we are not worthy.

And most hurtful of all –

We feel so, so alone. We feel like no one understands.

And with that, we start pushing our future ahead of us.

If only I had more money. If only I had more time. If only I had more friends. If only I was thinner. If only I had the education, the experience, the connections. If only people would believe in me. If only I believed more in myself. If only I knew how. If only. If only. If only.

And then life pass us by and we are stuck in the hard life. And eventually we come to a point when we realize

life should be more than this.

And you are right.

It should. And it can. And it will.

“My coaching session with Marthe was the most powerful hour I’ve spent in years. Marthe has a gift of asking questions that turn your world upside down and give you the opportunity to change the way you live, perceive yourself and your relationship with others. Her calm and reflective approach gives you room to be, reflect and reframe. I felt comfortable and taken care of and at the same time empowered. Marthe truly is one of a kind. “

—Anne-Sophie, Switzerland,

Freedom is the basis of my coaching philosophy. Experiments, fierce wisdom and gentle guidance is what I practice.

I am here to release you from the thoughts and patterns that are blocking you from living the life that you want.
I work with real people. People who live real lives and who are facing real challenges.

People who are feeling lost, sad, overwhelmed and depressed.

People who are struggling, who are going through a hard time, who are feeling uncomfortable in their own skin.

People who are lonely, or self-destructive or don’t know what to do.

I work with big dreamers and believers.

Like you.

I work with people like you – who have secret dreams, sparkly, joyful and vulnerable dreams.

I work with the people like you – who are scared to dream, who have lost faith, who feel stuck and lost for hope.

Basically, I work with people– like you – who want something more out of life.

Marthe has an elegant presence, she is thoughtful, exudes peace and radiates love. When you speak she not only hears you, she listens, closely. And then the softness lifts and Marthe will say something or ask a question that cuts straight to the heart of the matter. It’s with this strong fierce energy that she is able to guide you through the toughest of hurdles. If you want to set yourself free, Marthes strength will inspire you to take that leap.”

—Jayne Rusby, United Kingdom,,

Are you ready to go on a journey to the future with me?

I work with a process called Time Travel. We will travel to the future you want together and bring it back with us. We will go to the place where all your dreams have come true – and bring back that dream into the present. It’s time to stop feeling bad and start living.

After we have travelled to the future, you will be ready to start experimenting with the present. Through experimenting, we will make your dream(s) come true – even though nothing else in your life has changed.
In other words, you will still have the same family, the same friends, the same job, the same home – if you wish.
But I promise you;

you will not be the same you.

And you will learn to thrive – even when, especially when – life is difficult and challenging.
All because of a journey. Through time and space.


While and after our work together you will have:

  • Your very own Freedom Experiment – a sure-fire way to make your dream(s) come true
  • A real understanding of who you are and where you want to go
  • An arsenal of powerful tools to help you thrive through the challenges of life
  • A secret weapon that will eliminate fears, doubts and non-believers
  • First-hand experience of the possibilities of life – no matter your circumstance or situation. This will give you a sense of empowerment like nothing else!
  • Full access to my personal expertise and experience with world travel, starting a business, building a successful blog, loss of a relationship, emotional pain, financial know-how, changing careers, building friendships, openness and vulnerability, writing skills and personal development insight
  • Continuous and personalized support and encouragement through e-mail and skype sessions

Working with me is an experience.

Time Travelling isn’t for the faint of heart. This journey we are about to embark on together will change your life.

It’s an epic journey from where you are today – to where you want to be.

And this experience will be the most important adventure you will ever do for yourself.

This voyage will be memorable – both the journey and the destination. To make this happen, I support our work with inspiring quotes, reading tips, music, journaling exercises, action steps and meditations – specifically tailored to fit your unique needs.

Because every adventure story needs a hero – and a magician.

Let me be the magician to facilitate this great tale.

The hero – yes – that’s you.

The itinerary

  • I coach clients on a weekly basis for a minimum of three months. Sessions last 60 minutes and are conducted over skype. You will get challenges, homework and action steps between sessions as needed. In between sessions, we will communicate by e-mail.
  • I charge $580/month— this includes four inspiring and powerful 60-minute sessions and as much e-mail support as you need. If you sign up for three months in advance you pay $1500. A six month long journey will land you an even greater discount and is $ 2800.


The future that you long for is right there waiting for you to come running. It’s time to spread your wings. It’s time to take flight.

It’s time to fly.

To be free.

If you want to work with me – start with e-mailing me through this contact form and tell me why you are motivated to work with me at this point.


“Marthe doesn’t say “everything is possible” lightly. She’s a firm believer in the endless opportunities that are out there for everyone, just waiting to be discovered, seized and lived. Her coaching is deeply grounded in her own experience of uncovering her possibilities and creating a meaningful life around it. Look no further if you’re looking for a life coach that can get you from the seemingly impossible to a life lived to the fullest. Marthe’s intuitive powers and her gentle, yet strong nature will make you feel you’re in good hands.”

—Nina Grenningloh, Los Angeles,,

“When I started working with Marthe, I was feeling stuck and didn’t see a way out of it. I had never worked with a life coach before, and I was struggling to keep believing in my passion and that I could get a job doing what I love. The best part about working with Marthe was that she helped me believe that I can do anything I want if I put my mind to it and keep working towards it. I had a hard time to keep believing in myself and my ability to find the kind of work I was looking for. Because of our work together, I felt stronger and kept going to find that job. I am now happily working as a webdesigner/front-end developer at a great company with awesome colleagues!”

—Anouska, 26, The Netherlands,

“I choose to work with Marthe because this coaching offer just spoke to me. My heart just said “yes, this feels right”. I was dwelling on life. Not feeling quite right. I wanted ways to find clarity. I was questioning life, love, myself, happiness. I had been thinking negatively more consistently and that’s not like me. After working with Marthe, I’m now actively thinking of positive things, things about my dreams, things that make me happy. I take more responsibility, worry less and feel more excited overall. Now I am on my way again.”

—Monique, 31, Australia,