How-To + Advice

There are so many things to do. So much to figure out. So many things that could go wrong.

I know, because I’ve made plenty of mistakes. And I have done plenty of things right.

To make the most of our shared wisdom – here you will find links to posts that will teach you, give you ideas and advice on how to make life easier and more fun.

What do you want to learn?

I want to know how to take care of myself. 

…then read 55 gentle ways to take care of yourself when you’re busy busy busy and be supercharged for self-care.

I want to learn how to be more spiritual in my life. 

…then read How to create a regular creative or spiritual practice and you’ll be ready to connect with the superpowers.

I want tips on how to make a better decision. 

…then read Turn Your Life Around: 11 Great Tips to Make a Confident Decision – a post that has helped hundreds make better choices.

I need to know how to make friends.

…then read Social courage: How to Make Friends when People Make you Nervous – a very honest and vulnerable post about relationships and friendships.

I want to practice gratitude, but I don’t know how exactly. 

…then read 48 things to be grateful for when you need to shift your focus. This list will make you see your life in a new light.

I want ideas on fun activities to do with my friends.  

…then read 23 fun and creative activities to nourish, empower and strengthen your friendships. Fun, fun and more fun!

I want tips on how to get more out of my travel experiences. 

…then read Alternative Tourism: 16 hot tips on how to travel like a local. My best travel tip after visiting more than 30 countries.

I want to know how I can support people better – and how I can receive support in return. 

…then read Be a Lamp, a Lifeboat or a Ladder: 50 Simple Soulful Ways to Support and be Supported. A beautiful post about caring for each other.

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