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This is a little introduction to the Freedom Experiment and the philosophy behind all the inspiring posts you will find on this page.


About The Freedom Experiment

A freedom experiment is a project where you put a mini-version of your dream into action.

It’s about breaking free from your limiting beliefs, dream big and fly high.

It’s about finding freedom from norms, conventions and unwritten rules to enable you to be who you really are.

Let me start by telling you a little story about how The Freedom Experiment was born.

Exactly one and a half year ago, I started my first Freedom Experiment by moving to England for a year to study photography. I had always wanted to live abroad, and I had always wanted to do something creative in university.

But I wasn’t ready to commit to making a permanent shift in my life at that time. Even though it was what I had always wanted, I didn’t have the courage to make permanent changes.

So I decided to make it into an experiment. For one year, I would check it out and see if it was something I wanted to do for good. And I had the time of my life!

However, one and a half year later, I have moved back to Oslo and I am continuing with my law degree.

And it feels good.


when you finish your freedom experiment, you have lived your dream.

Living abroad is a dream I have already realized. Studying photography was awesome and I have made that dream come true for me. Creating a freedom experiment has helped me realize dreams that would otherwise have been pushed far into the future. It works!

So, to make your own freedom experiment

Start with a dream

Find a way to break it down into something you can do in the next year

Make it happen!



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Now that you know the background, you might want to wander around and explore the universe that is the Freedom Experiment.

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