Share your dream

Look at a dream like a pearl necklace, each individual dream is perfect and shimmering in it’s own right. Together they form a beautiful chain of inspiration and excitement. My hope is that you’ll be inspired to follow your own dreams when you read about other people’s dreams and wishes.

My dream is to be more comfortable in my own skin.  To be able to stretch into yoga poses gracefully, sleep calmly, to be more open, to share my Self with all who are looking for understanding. To give back.  To travel, return to creativity, and to find a life companion. To dance under the full moon, to ground my Self into the earth. To be more of a free Spirit…

— Kim

My dream is to create music with fabric, to define happiness with a thread and stitch in blessings so the wearer is bestowed with joy and love

— Madonna Bain, Madonna Bain

My dream is to own a summer camp for (underprivileged) kids.

— Michelle Shipley

I want to be a free soul. I want to let go all the expectations that have been holding me and start living truly awake and aware :)

— Hanely

My dream is to move to Tennessee and leave my troubles behind. To move forward in life.

— Elizabeth

My dream is to be strong enough to face anything, soft enough to care for everything, and wise enough to understand I know nothing for certain.

— Jazzy, Jazzy Travels

My dream is to travel the world with the love of my life. Enjoying the freedom and life without worries.

— Geke

I really don’t know what my dream is, but I know for sure that I desire to find out one day.

I hope it will be something meaningful and beautiful, that will change the way I see the world right now. I hope that by the time I’ll have my dream I’ll know who I am and where I aim in my travel.

And when I finally discover my dream, I want to be reborn and start working towards it from the very beginning, live it and be it with all of my heart.

— Anelaine

My dream is to go to Cannes Film Festival.

— Kirsty

My dream is that my fears disappear. I want to be happy without fear, to love without fear, sleep….

— Kristina

My dream is to share love with a gorgeous, wonderful man in a loving relationship and to see the world. I’d like to visit different places like Hawaii, Miami, India, Japan and Thailand.

— Anonymous

My dream is to feel alive and less like a robot.
— Ava

I just want to be free too follow my sacred flow where ever it takes me.
— Per Hoglund

My dream is to become best Software Engineer in the field of Database. My Dream is to become free from suffering. by following 4 Noble Truths & 8- Fold Path from Buddha.
— Venugopal

My dream is: “There is nothing better for the inside of a man than the back of a horse.”

Hypnotherapy is horse therapy. There should be an easy to access hypnotherapy center for Troy Albany area domestic violence survivors  and their children. Especially boys. . Boys because all the horrible skills they’ve learned from the violent men in their lives must be unlearned to communicate with these 2000 lb animals. This therapy can bring peace to the lives of these women and children whose homes have been places of war right here in America.

To better their lives and their future relationships. To show the girls that they are powerful not powerless. To help peace and hope do exist in the face of sometimes lifelong proof to the contrary. To show that they are not alone and life is not an endless cycle of abuse degradation and pain.

I believe this could make a life and death difference to many. Please pray that despite my brain damage and PTSD and panic caused by my abuser that somehow I will be able to see this dream fulfilled. For me, my children, and all others who’ve lived in terror yet still managed to dance with joy and marvel at the abundance of blessings in between abusive moments and after escape. Please also pray for escape to those still trapped and seeing no practical way out.

With love of life and appreciation of all things good, Amy.

— Amy

My dream is to teach. I want to not only teach in the academic setting, but teach people in life. I want to make a positive impact on people, show them that everyone is beautiful.

I want to become an archaeologist but also allow my students to become one as well. I want to teach my students, and people, that history is everyone’s story and that it matters.

I want my students to know that there are many ways to learn about the past.

I want to make a difference.

My dream is: To top the country in CA Final Exams.

My dream is: Find home.

— Anonymous

I dream all the time. And I constantly dream about new things. I used to dream about NYC, mostly because it’s hard to get there. But now I dream about Spain. I met this one boy, who is not Spanish, but he is super cute and I would like to go with him.

We could work at a vineyard and talk about things that doesn’t really matter. We could live cheap, eat a lot and enjoy sunrises and sunsets.

— Jennifer, Jennifer Sandstrom

My dream is:
…to love myself.

— Miche

My dream is to live fearlessly- I mean really fearlessly. We all like to think we are so “care free” yet we are still confined to even something as simple as our thoughts.

All I would like is to be free, even of my own thoguhts for a bit… I’d like to experience the world without being stressed about doing it “right.”

If this could happen, I think we would all be surprised what we coulod conquer…

— Emily

My dream is… to discover my dream :)

— Sonia

I’ve always known that my true desire is love, but I didn’t realize how many forms it came in.

I spent years trying to understand why my heart refused to call this place home, and wondering whether I was sick of this city or sick of myself. Wondering if, when I ran, if I would only be running further away from myself.

I thought there was a messy, wild, greedy thing in the pit of my stomach, trying to dance it’s way out. There was a thousand kite-strings pulling me in a thousand different directions. I was tired of my heart aching. I told myself that instead of love and intimacy, I would have foreign countries and cultures and tonges and music and food and books to fill up all the spaces between where I was was and where I wanted to be.

But what I failed to realize is this: all of those things are love!

If they are my passions and I find joy in them, then that is love. And while I still dream of finding true love with a person one day, I know now that I can be content with what I have, and I can find love in things, and that it’s okay.

— Anna

I have been through alot in my life . . . from my parents divorcing to getting my heart broken. Most of the negative things that have happened are still in my head, and still break me in the night, when people go through this, they tend to feel there is no way out, but for me there is. Music, Demi Lovato, and Cassadee Pope are my escape from all the lies i’ve been told, the games I didn’t know I was playing in, etc. That leads me to my dream of being a singer that inspires people to stay strong, kind of like Demi Lovato, and to keep a smile on your face like Cassadee Pope. My other dream is to meet Demi and Cassadee, and give them a letter of my story.

— Anonymous

My dream is: To find true peace, joy, and happiness in my life.
I have been juggling the balls in the air for over twenty years with career, family, and life. I want to change so that I no longer have negative feelings about myself. I know that one thing I have not done is taken care of myself before others. I want to change this and make the changes so that I have the feelings that match me.
— Anonymous

I am about to graduate from high school. I don’t want to live the conventional life of college, spouse, and kids. I want to travel the world with my boyfriend, going from small town to small town. I need to know that it’s possible to live in this world without being put down by the pressures of modern day society.
— Anonymous

I wish I could be this girl I always dreamed of being!
My dream is to have many friends that actually give a damn about me, share amazing moments and life experiences and travel the world with them.
My dream is to grow as a person full of life, full of stories to tell and full of wisdom.
I wish I figured out what I want to do with my life and if Medical School would do me good. I wish I was cooler, I wish I had a better social life, I wish I got better grades. I wish I was more independent.
I wish I could travel the world and to change the world, in my own way.
My dream is to not be the girl who is crying her heart our now wishing she could just start it all over.
I wish I was more out-going, I wish I was smarter, I wish I was more in control of my life and I wish I was more.. alive.
— Sandy

My dream is to be simply happy. I don’t want for many extravagant material things, but I do want to someday have a cozy home filled with lots of kids and a happy husband to share all of it with. I want to be content. I want to be free of worry and silly fears. I want to smile and mean it.
— Kirstin

My dream, or dreams, is to be able to travel around the world, write and share about them to many others who doesn’t have the chance to see it themselves yet. I hope to be able to work in the Art/Cu development industry (precisely what I haven’t decided) but I feel really strongly for a need of some different kind of fresh air into my busy financial hub hometown. I want to raise awareness of elderly welfares because I feel like that is really something that connects to my heart.

I think most of all, I want to be free from the burden of family and peer expectations and do what I love, so I can wake up everyday eager to move forward. Don’t know the exact plans, still exploring, but I’m sure God had planned for something good.

— Lee Jane

I wish to live abroad while I am still young and figuring my way through life. It’s been a vision of mine since I was a little girl and chance I didn’t get to take during university. Now that I’ve graduated, I want to leap and do this somehow.
— Carrie

My dream: To run for Miss New Mexico USA in the hopes of becoming a figure of leadership, and to have the chance to touch so many people in my home state through serving the community. I want to run for Miss NM USA to show kids that you don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.
— Jessica Jordana Gobble

I want to help start a community education collective in Detroit. I’m a big believer in informal education as a huge force in increasing the self-respect and activity in depressed and isolated communities (and therefore, improving the neighborhood and politics too).

Fixing up an old storefront to be a friendly, attractive place for folks to come and hang out is the first step, then offering the space to existing community organizations as a meeting space, then starting a free school and offering affordable day care and afterschool activities (almost impossible to come by in the city).

— Maggie

My dream is renewal. I have lived my whole life as a canvas to others. I am ready to take charge over my own life and make it beautiful to me. My passion is my Lord and my Lord is Christ. With Him this is possible and only through Him will I achieve this goal. Some of the things that I want to do for myself is travel abroad, establish a stable career that I love, and surround myself with people who value me and not wish to change me. This is my dream.
— Trisha

I want to work at my best and always be appreciated at my work place iI also want to be the most important part of my work place….
I want to be loved and cared by my family…

I want to be life… for my friends I want to be their heven…

I also want to get married to the one I love the most in my life…

I also want lot of pleasure and happiness in my life…!!
I want to become a very important part of the people around me…

how is all this possible…

— Pari

Take control of my life. To make time to do the things I love everyday. Not let them sink to the back burner and fizzle away. To be confident in the person I am and to realize the goals I have for myself. To be able to be confident in my beliefs and freely share how I think and feel. To live out my life!

— Carrie, Grub for Gratitude

To be the best I can be at everything that I am, and to place a huge crater in the social media. My mark on the world.
— MissStar

shanti. {peace. tranquility. calmness & bliss}
so’ham. {i am that}

My dream is to become a yoga instructor so i can share both with the world.

My dream is to make the world a little bit better for my existence. I hope to do so by spreading beauty, happiness and positivity, and also through my work (one day) as an anthropologist. I dream of owning my grandfathers farm and having a lovely small house that sits gently on the earth where I can while away my time writing; and I dream of having wonderful, glowing people to share it with.
— Courtney

Have you ever dreamt something so large you don’t know how to put it into words..? It’s sort of just a scramble of feelings and a couple of hazy pictures. I’ve had this dream as long as I can remember. The biggest dream of my heart. And the most succinct title I can give it is, ‘South Africa’. My heart lies with my country. And though I know changing a country for the better to the degree I want to, is essentially impossible.. I am also proud to say it has been done once before here. And I know one other thing… All things are possible with Jesus. I hope I never stop hoping. Because I want to do the things that people say only the brave do and possibly only the insane… I want to bring unparalleled, unimagineable change!
— Anonymous

My dream is to find and live in the freedom of being me. To stop living under the expectations of others. As I learn to reach out and connect with others I am learning this is possible. Freedom to be me is mine if chose to take it.
— Linnette

Source: via Marthe on Pinterest

My dream is to make my website into a successful business. It started as a daily fashion blog, then people were interested in my life!! I LOVE blogging and taking photographs, but I am not finacially stable enough to devote myself to the blog yet… so that is my dream. And I will work hard at it!!

My dream is for everyone to really, truly, utterly believe that is is entirely possible to live as we dream. My intention is to lead by example, by being a real life fear alchemist, and whenever possible assist others in breaking down the mental barriers we all have through experiential learning. My dream is for people to live as they dream, and by virtue of that, give the best of themselves in this life.

I want to be a speaker motivating abused women in shelters,and those who are in abusive relationships,wish to leave but they can’t. And also to go around schools speaking to young girls teaching them about self love,worth and self respect. And I also want to start a shelter in a squatter camp not so far from where i live,women and children abuse is rife there and a change in mindset is needed,i want to apply this through holding continous workshops for women in the area.
— Lindie

My dream is to move to Ethiopia alone within a year. My dream is to live in a wild country of terrible poverty and beautiful people, and make a difference in as many lives as possible. I want to make a new home in a place that couldn’t be more different from the home I’ve known, and prove that home is not a building, but a place where the heart says “yes!” I dropped out of high school after my junior year, because my desire to pursue my dreams was too great to keep waiting. I took my GED test, and got a full time job to save for when I leave, which I’m hoping will be around my 18th birthday, in April of 2013. My dream boils down to two simple facts, 1: My heart belongs in Ethiopia. And 2: I was created to live simply, and love richly.

I want to stop just taking it all in and start giving back. I want to start showing my true self to the world. Because 99% of the time, I don’t. Because it’s so damn scary. But I want to get over that fear and start working through those emotions and that creativity that I have within me.

My dream is to be happy. I want to wake up every morning and be content with myself. I want to believe in the good in this world and not become jaded by the hurt. I want to love others so much it hurts. I want those I love to count on me, to believe in me, to need me. I want to inspire others. I want to constantly grow. I want to stay curious and open-minded. I want to help someone. I want to change someone’s life and not know it. I want to fulfill whatever my purpose is for being here. I want to be satisfied.
— Sarah

My dream is to write a romantic screenplay about the realities of relationships and help the movie come to life while working on its’ crew. Nora Ephron was my inspiration to go to school and to continue writing. I aim to be half the writer that she was.

My dream is to support myself financially writing creative non-fiction. My dream is to extricate myself from my job as a veterinary receptionist that leaves me feeling emotionally drained and requires me to be in situations that are incredibly uncomfortable for me. I write nearly everyday before work and love the feeling I get from it. My dream is to be able to earn a living from this pleasure.

My dream is to make my own happiness. I want to study abroad and travel, i want to make a documentary or journal while traveling and talk to locals, find special people who aren’t famous and tell their stories. I want to create a movie about the girl who doesnt have that great love, a real girl just living day to day but who is happy in the end, it will entirely realistic in the most enjoyable way (im thinking really ugly crying and a disgusting pig out session). I want to work in either the fashion industry or the film industry, I dream of looking at and creating beautiful things for the rest of my life.
— Cicely

I want to touch the Universe. I want to write and draw and create out of that well of emotion and inspiration deep within me. I want to work because I enjoy it, not because I need the money. I want to walk on the beach with the man I love, and go to ball games with my son. I want to sing to the wind, dance under the stars, and chase storms across the high plains. I want to release the pain and grief I’ve carried so long, so I can be free to feel every new emotion Life sends my way.

I want to be the real me. I want to make a difference, even in just one person’s life. I want to be happy and healthy and love the world with every fiber of my existence.

— Charlotte

My dream is to be a helping hand in the happiness of everyone I love and hold dear. I am perfectly content, no matter where I am or however hard I’m working or however busy I am, so long as I know that everyone that I love is happy, always. I love life, because of the people I have in it. My life is nothing without the ones I love most. It’s cliche, but so true that as long as they are happy…I am beyond ecstatic.
— Bella Toscano

My dream is write books of love poetry. To write music and turn them into albums. To live in Haiti and hold the broken orphans in my arms. To be a star in a musical. To love like Jesus did. To be the definition of passion!
— Sarah Stevens

To find and stay true to my brightest self. To let myself be enough. To write and read as many books as I can. To not miss the point of life.

Source: Uploaded by user via Marthe on Pinterest

To inspire and empower other woman across the world to create and live their self-defined healthy happy lifestyle in order to become your best self. To live in a world filled with woman with self-love, confidence, and positive self esteem. To create a universal community (already started: C-Fit Club on FaceBook) of woman who genuinely support one another in their quest to their self-defined healthy happy lifestyle. To inspire woman from all over the world to live the “free life”. To End Dieting for good. To rid the world of Eating Disorders. This is my life’s purpose and I believe I have been placed on this Earth to do this.
Join in on this mission ladies.

Unconditional love…that is my biggest dream, wish, hope…
— Katie

My dream is to have dreams and work towards them. Success of failure, I do not care. I miss the passion, intensity, and heart I once had. I want it back. Potential is nothing if not harnessed and aimed.
— Ellen

I dream of forgiving the man who broke my heart. I dream of living in world free of the pain I’ve allowed others to cause me. I dream to practice counseling in a downtown studio. I dream of making a change in at least one person I meet. I dream to live each day in love. I dream to shine as bright as I feel when I drink my coffee by the lake. I dream I will one day set the world on fire, and somebody will love me for it.
— Taylor

To become one of the youngest people in the music industry. I want to write song lyrics, collaborate with someone to put them to music, and then sing them! I’d love to have my voice heard and loved in the world.
— Sara Alicea

I want to live a life, waking up to birds chirping, and the sun shining on my face. Feeling warm from the inside and out.

I want to practice law in California, and be involved in the legal side of media and entertainment. I am in Law School in Toronto, but my dream is to be international. I will take and pass the bar in both California and Ontario (I don’t care how many times I need to take it).

Before then, I want the wisdom and patience to understand that my dreams will come in time, and I want to be happy where I am in the meantime. No matter what stage I am at, I want to feel fulfilled and compelled to embrace it, let go, and move on.

My biggest dream is to live a life of courage and fearlessness – never afraid to start over.

— Mona Zarifian

To be a college soccer play to inspire girls younger then me and let them know that they are strong, they just need to dig deep to find there strength. I want girls to know that if you truly work hard you can reach your goals.
To be an artist who’s work shows the beauty in nature and gives others a sense of serenity. To visit a monastery and sit in science to reach into myself and question who I really am.
— Anonymous

To move to somewhere and devote myself to surfing and photography. To become submerged in warm waters and love myself fully. To find my artistic niche and be happy with who I am.
To Love and Be Loved.
— Ashley Cunningham

My dream is to find my happiness. I just want to say before I die that I was successful, and can’t regret those great moments, and that I’ll find new people to love; and forever love them. I wish to sometime in my life say that I am happy and thankful for my friends and family, myself, and the things I have accomplished.
— Saige

In the grand scheme of things my dream is to be able to travel the world and experience other people and places but on a more basic level my dream is to just be able to figure out who I really am and forget about other’s judgements and expectations. To live simply and happily.
— Katrin Bell

To live a BIG life, to free myself from perceived expectations, to be less materialistic, to nurture others, to create, to hold hands, to have open and honest conversations with friends, family, and strangers, and to help people know that they are not alone.
— Christie Janey

To be comfortable with myself, and love myself for all my insecurities and imperfections – not in spite of them. To feel every cut and bruise, and embrace every love and heartache as though it were my last, my first. To have the courage to move on, and the strength to stand still. To walk when the world is running around. To say no to time, refuse to hold its hand, and live without worrying about who I will turn out to be, or hiding from a past that’s shattered me more than once. To finally reach the bottom of this free fall, so I can scrape myself up, and try again, and again, however many times until I can fly. Or at least leave my arms wide open through this fall to get a taste of what flight tastes like. To live with my heart wide open.
— Janne

— Elise

My dream is a story I hope someone reads. I am Sharbel. I live in a tiny village in Israel. When I was a kid, I always dreamed to be a soccer player. I told my parents that I want to join a team but they didn’t accept. They forbid me from the most thing I love. I begged them but they didn’t want to pay. When I became 16 years old, I decided to join a team by my own but before I joined the team, I got injured in my right leg at school. I went to a doctor and he gave me a medicine but it didn’t work and another one also didn’t work and more but didn’t work. My family didn’t help me, no one did. I am 19 years old now. I am still recovering and my dream is disappearing in front of me. I am desperate no one will accept me. I don’t know what to do.
— Sharbel Mousa

I started working towards achieving my dream when I took the plunge and decided not to return to a toxic job that I’ve been on for 2 years. I’m now working on learning how to love myself more, so I can take action and find a job that I’m most passionate about, find the **man of my dreams,** and find a wonderful home. I also want to continue to help others, to be compassionate, and continue my spiritual journey. Lastly, I’d love to take a trip to India!
— Kim A

My dream is to be successful in my life. I want to graduate from university and be able to find ajob and be independent, live on my own and just be free. I want to be a strong girl who can do anything no matter how hard it is. I just wanna be everything am not.
— Anonymous

To become a writer, an acupuncturist, an artist and to do so lovingly and without fear.

There are a lot of things that I want to accomplish in life. A lot of goals. A lot of dreams. But my biggest dream, the dream that stands out in my mind, is to simply be content with myself. To be able to say that I love myself.
— Paige

My dream is to gather the nerves and encouragement and quit my job and travel and cook around the world. I want to be strong in knowing when I come back that I made the right decision. I want to be able to share this with the world and with someone I love.
— Teri

I want to lose the fear
— Anonymous

1. Reach my goal of becoming a successful actress. (It’s my passion, and I work towards my dream everyday.)
2. I want to travel, there’s just something about seeing the world and exploring new places that sounds magnificent! I get so sick of this place.
3. And lastly, I want to inspire someone. I want to know what it would be like to have a great impact on the world. I want to die, knowing that I was a good person, and ultimately inspire others to be like that too.
What can I say? I’m a dreamer.
— Hunter

My dream is to find and be found by true love.
— Anonymous

My dream is to sit…and write. Write about my grandmother and her story, on her typewrite by our old beach house. Listen to her like I did as a child and soak up all her wisdom, and infinite knowledge of life, and love, and being so so so strong. If I had one dream…it would be this.
— Tamryn

really want to be able to stand on a stage and sing in front of people.. I want to be something completely fresh and individual that people who know me will feel love and recognise as my true self. I want to inspire people to do the same and sing and feel happy about their amazingness! Spreading good feeling and showing people we have no reason to ever feel ashamed of ourselves. We should all feel free and happy, singing, dancing and loving!
— Anonymous

I dream of New York, of Paris, London, France. I dream of city lights and skylines. Crazy nights and quiet mornings. Meet new people, see new things, live in a way I have never done before. I yearn to travel the world while Im young and write; to tell stories that move and affect others. I want to make people think; I want my stories lingering inside of them for the rest of their lives. I yearn to love and be loved. My dream is to follow my passion, wherever that road may take me. I dream of being free. I dream of living.
— Sarah

I’m not sure about what I really want to be.

But I hope my dream makes people happy. I want to inspire the world with my happiness and be a part of the pages in the world’s history. I may be asking for something too much dreamy, but I feel happy whenever I turn someone’s frown upside down. It’s like fixing a beautiful painting that was hung upside down in the museum.

I want to someday find my real passion and start working hard rather than reading Harry Potter fanfics and fangirling over my favorite KPOP idols.

I want my parents to be proud of me and start noticing me. I do not really want lots of attention, I just want to be understood. I have no left arm and I had that ever since I was born. I had gone through depression and it still come and goes. Being lonely and not being able to be understood was very hard. Being appreciated even without being understood would be fine for me. But if atleast someone tried to understand me, I would be the happiest person in the world.

I’m not asking for more, I just want to try be a part of this world and contribute. I sound selfish, but my what my dear heart desires is just like that. Whatever I will be, I’ll also add philanthropist on the list. I want to be a part of United Nations and support any charity existing in this world. Not to show off, I really dislike it when people only send money just for their reputation. They shouldn’t think of the children as low-class people. They are also people with dreams and I’m here to make them come true soon.

— Ylaijah

My dream is to travel the world, dancing, making art, performing, and learning.
My dream is to allow myself to have community support, and to embrace the richness that life has to offer.

I want to be brave enough to let the real me shine through, instead of being afraid to be judged, humiliated, or used, and hiding because of it.

— anonymous

My dream is for my body, mind and soul to be aligned and that every day I honour my true self, by moving my body, nourishing myself with whole foods, meditating, taking the time to breathe and being present. I want balance and I want to be consistent with looking after myself.

This dream will be my reality shortly, which will then give rise to my other dream – to practice Reiki and other healing modalities. I want to hold the space for others to heal.

I want to be totally congruent and be the best wife and mother I can be.  I want to shine again.

— Libby P

My dream is to walk through life with my head held high, without regret, remorse, anger, fear, loneliness, resentment, and grief. I want to walk outside without a dark cloud hovering above me. I want to love and be loved, and show the world what benevolence is. My dream is to be free of this world.

— Jeremy

My dream is to live a life of adventure. I dream of one day i will discover a journey that will let make new friends and enemies. I want a life full of thrills and exciting surprises each day. Maybe one day i will fall in love.
I also dream of studying in a country far away from home.

— Ace

I want to become the best makeup artist.

— Shakira

My dream is to live a meaningful life. I would like to constantly do things that are positive and inspire others to follow their dreams.

— Rosario

My dream is to live a life of meaning, purpose, and respect. I want to provide everything my parents dreamed for.

— Bhaskar


I dream to live in a world where everyone else cares a little more, listens a little more, helps a little more, shares a little more, loves a little more.

— Caroline

My dream is to give opportunity to all humans , by means of education , health, wellbeing and capable of looking after them self , each and everybody to know the purpose of their life here in this planet , Each and every stages of their life , one should know how to get most out of them . for that I need to impart universal skill training to all humans  to seek and get  their unlimited opportunities.

— Aji

My dream is to be happy.

— Ana

My dream is to become a registered nurse, to give care and help people.

— Anonymous

My dream is to become a registered nurse, to give care and help people.

— Anonymous

My dream is: To love and stand up for myself, feel good enough, be responsible, brave.
Believe that my life has sense.
Know what I want in life and go for it.
Earn money and help my family.
Get involved with good people, have an relationship.
Have fun, explore, dance, sing karaoke, be creative.
Become a better person and be in peace, accept things as they are.
And never feel like my heart is being ripped out of me.. again.

— Z

I dream of living a free and simple life in the country. Make a living by creating art and get excited about finding beauty in strange people and places. Find happiness in small things and wake up every morning without an alarm. Most importantly, I dream of sharing such a beautiful life and special moments with my daughters. Set them free to just be themselves, boundless and infinite.

— Elzette

My dream is to travel the world. Leave the past behind and focus on the future and what it holds. Being a better version of me. :D Making the world a better place for the upcoming souls that will navigate through.

— K

I’ve always dreamed to be rich and able to just lay around happily, to be able to keep pets and to have a mom and dad… To live with my whole family, happy that they wouldnt die… But it’s all a dream and reality is harsher than what it seems.


— Anonymous


My dream is to live life to the fullest, to find the love of my life, never fear, be happy, be brave, never let comments bring me down, and to help those who feel like me, scared of being myself.

— Bridget

My dream is to set free from all the surroundings living beings i have. i want to set free and go abroad and live all alone. and travel the world all alone without anybodys shoutings of walk properly do like this and do like that.
i hope i get in to a well known irm to work and hope they could send me abroad and that could initiate my life first travel and explore world.

— Anonymous

My dream is to be who I want to be without really being anyone. I want to be everything and nothing all at the same time. I am a dreamer, a big dreamer and I want to help people with the wisdom of what I have learnt. I want to inspire, create and at the same time be happy. Live in every moment without suffering, and see life as the beauty that it is. I consider myself as an inspirational coach, yet I am still coaching myself though the balance of life. I am here to learn and to serve, and writing gives me pleasure and purpose. Hopefully my site will be up soon as I want to inspire change, insight into oneself, the truth and your desires.

My dream is to create something that spreads happiness and truth.

— Marthine Spinnangr

My dream is to find deep nourishing relationships that last.

— Karen

This might sound a little odd but my absolute dream is to graduate pharmacy school and become a pediatric pharmacist at a children’s hospital. I want to own a peach farm in Georgia and live in a beautiful plantation home. I am just beginning in my buddhist practice and couldn’t be more excited for the future and what it holds for me.

— Steff Cybulski

My dream is: is to be happy and content with my life, my health,my family and my love.To give security, love,comfort. To give peace and harmorny. To bring joy . To feed the hungry. To shelter the homeless. To protect the weak. To heal the sick. To rest the restless.

— Anthony

My dream is to feel really free in my mind my body my life to reach the happiness.

— Selma

My dream is to be satisfied and happy with myself. I want to love myself for who I am. I want to  accept all my flaws, and all of my imperfections and be truly happy.  I wanted too look at myself in the mirror and not cry, I want to say look you lost all this weight and you should be proud but how, how can I be proud,  all  I see is excess skin, flab, loose and ugly skin, I feel like an old lady and I’m only in my teen years. I currently joined the gym to see if I can tone up my body and actually learn how to love it. And look at me now still suffering because of how I was treated more or so teased when I was a kid, it’s like every little comment bothered me, I wanted others to like me, and it sucks because now I don’t even like myself not one bit. I DONT have a purpose. I’m lost. I want to runaway and start over. I’m done caring about what others think and I’m tired of feeling hopeless.

— Arianny

My dream is to become a great opera singer.

— Mari

My dream is  to be Happy, Happy and Happy with my Love. There will be no tears & no things of rueful. Want to achieve all of our dreams.

— Asha Wijesiri

My dream is.. To not be afraid.. to smile with pure happiness, to truly love.

— Lauren

My dream is to be the nerdiest guy on this earth…. I want to have the title of “TECHFATHER”. I want to gain every single byte of knowledge about computers and as well as i want to be a photographer….. I also want to be the best son and brother in this world.

— Pevansh

To travel the world, open up my mind to the adventures that life brings and to be willing and able to partake in these adventures.  Also…I just want to be happy no matter what.  In that state of calmness, patience, and contentment with everything in my life.

To see my anxiety as my biggest strength and to love all aspects of my life.

My dream is to know who I am and be confident and sure of myself. To find a career that fits me and feels good. To combat depression and no longer have to worry about unemployment/being broke. To find him, someone to call home, my best friend, to have a family with. To be able to see more of the world. To be able to give back to my family and friends. To find peace of mind and sleep properly at night.

My dream is to see all positive mind people allover the world peace, love, care not only for our belonging person but for all.

My dream is to find myself, become the real me, feel deeply happy and fulfilled and reach that point of wisdom and stillness.

— Sofia

My dream is to have inner peace and radiate positivity.

— Belinda

My dream is to enjoy my life in a pleasant way, to find my life partner whom I think I should be with.

— SS

My dream is to help.

I’ve got this crazy dream of being a doctor and going abroad to places where there is insufficient medical resources. I want to talk to people. I want to be immersed in their culture. I want to live life. I’m just starting college and all of this is a bit far off, but I have always believed that you should keep your dreams in mind.

Always remembering the end goal, but always enjoying the journey!

— Molly

My dream is I want to be able to create a safe and serene place for adolescents and young woman. Women who have had a rough past, caused by any different reasons. I want to create a place that they can come when home is not an option.

I want this place to be full of affordable if not free consoling and help. Aside from that, i want to do it through art. Any single type of art. Writing, sketching, poetry, photography, graphic art, music, painting. I want the next generation of women to be strong and independent. I want them to feel safe and to know they are not alone.

I want to make an impact on at least one persons life.

— Natasha

My dream is to find myself again – me – happy, dreaming, believing.
Feel free again…
— Anastacia

My dream is to travel the world, I want to be free to experiences the world outside of me. I’m a dreamer and I believe my dream will come true.
— Salini

My dream is to find my dream and implement it before my time here is through.
— Ed

My dream is to get my PhD in mathematics even though I have a chronic mental illness and a learning disability. I’ve already started going back to school and so far I’ve been getting a 4.0 GPA or higher.

There’s no such thing as larger than life aspirations. Only people that are willing to confront themselves to surpass what they thought was their limit.

— Anonymous

My dream is to make a meaningful difference in the world and the lives of others, doing what I love, and becoming financially free doing it, so I can fully pursue with all that I have.

To inspire. To help. To empower. To give.

My dream is to see my family happy, healthy, and free. My dream is to see a future where all the people of the world act in self love instead of self interest.

My dream…is to keep Dreaming!

— Justin, Justin Harmon

My dream is:
To feel worthy enough to be happy, to smile without pain, and love without regret.

— Melanie

My ultimate destination in life is to win Grammys, headline sold out tours; to be the greatest singer to ever walk the earth…

I want to change the world with my voice and my songs; and I’m sure as hell going to do it ;)

Ever since I was a little girl, there’s been this flame inside of me. One that still refuses to diminish, even after all the slammed doors and disappointments. I feel crazy enough to change the world. I can’t give up. and I won’t!

I also dream of mastering my mind.
Having Zack as my man.
And finding God.

— Shannon Ann, YouTube

My dream is to be able to help as many people as possible with my Distance Intuitive Reiki sessions.

I dream of connecting.

I dream of being visible.

I dream of letting people know they can heal.

— Elle North, Drawing Within

My dream of this year is to be part of the group who are the tools of GOD to change the world… and one of the best things is to accomplish my vision (IDEA GATHERING SAFARI) and to make it visible to everybody…

— Ulenje

My dream is to travel around the world with my friends, meet different people from different places, help poor and needy, make them smile, play with little babies to forget my life tensions and worries and to be myself…true to humanity, God and to myself…:)

— Anonymous

My dream is: To know myself, to continue on this positive, proactive journey of earning the things I want and need to be happy, to keep giving love and kindness, to make the world a better place, to be a mother, and to travel everywhere.

— Edie Joy Spinks,

I am just about to finish school and I just wish I could travel the whole world!

I dream of seeing the world, getting to know new people, countries and cultures. Finding out who I am and what I want in life.

I dream of happiness, love, freedom. I dream of making my own life.

I dream of living!

— Amelia

My dream is: To continue with my new and exciting gratitude practise. To fill the bare sketchbook that lies here in front of me!

To learn to meditate as a journey, not a destination. To write more poetry (from the heart, of course), to make a good attempt at the novel in my head, and if I’m lucky, see it in print and hold it in my hands!

To start yoga, to hold a crab for a decent amount of time – I have great memories of doing it as a kid. To enjoy my creative pursuits. To go to more dance classes, move my body in beautiful ways. To get out in the fresh air, reconnect with this earth. To invest in my current relationships and be open to possible new ones.

To read some of the books on my always-growing wish list! To find something I can do and love that will also pay the bills. To be honest and active in my therapy/treatment.

To respect my money, spread it around well and keep what I need. To move in the right direction to try for a child. To sit under sunlight and moonlight… and embrace this life fully.

— Miranda

I want to see the world.

Correction: I need to see the world. I can not, WILL not, get trapped in the goldfish bowl (elegance of the hedgehog by Muriel Barbery) and swim in circles my whole life.

I will not live just to live. I will not go to work to make money, to buy a house, to support a family, to care for me when I am old and feeble and utterly, utterly wasted. It is my greatest fear.

If there is one thing I wish, desperately, it is for the freedom to move without being watched.

I have insulated myself all my life with books and films and television shows, hoping in vain that if I watch other people have enough adventures, perhaps I will get roped into one.

I want to travel the universe in a series of ridiculous adventures. That is my dream, and I would rather have it than the loveliest desk job and paycheck and family sized suburban mansion the world can offer.

— Lelicah

My dream is: To dream freely, knowing that it would come true, no matter how unreachable it seems!
We learn in life to be rational, to be realistic. Why is that! It sucks the joy out of us! The joy and fancy we all had as kids.
— Shadi

My dream is:
To someday travel he world and make a few people happy :)
— Anonymous

My dream is:
To (com)passionately go after raw creativity, naked expression, the simple life, and inspire other to do the same.
— Anna, Happy Arty

To inspire a wad of beautiful folks to take steps to find the thing that makes all the cells in their body hi-five. Then watch them all grow & rock it, serving the universe with their delicious gifts.
— Casey, Sir Flamingo

I want for once in my life to be irresponsible.
To do what I want to do, to do what inspires me and what makes me fulfilled,
than to do what others expect of me.
To earn a good living, take care of the family, do the housework, feed and walk the dog, etc.…
only to be told nobody asked me to do it in the first place.
I want to break free.. break free from being the responsible one.
I want to travel, to see the world.
I don’t want to work for my pension only to live out my old age in bitterness and regret.
— WaiYee, (Singapore)

To make a contribution. to die knowing that i have left the world a better place. to make a concrete and tangible difference.
— Tammy

This may be a stereotypical dream, but I long to see the world.

I’ve lived in the same town all my life, only venturing away to go to university. I’ve never been on a holiday that lasted longer than 2 weeks. And yet I suffer from a burning wanderlust, a desire to see what else is out there.

My imagination always ran wild as a child. I would bury my head in stories from around the world. I remember visiting Tenerife on a family holiday and straying off the beaten track, ending up in a picturesque village nestled in the hillside, full of white-washed houses and suntanned locals hanging up their clothes to dry.
I want to live among the locals. I want to immerse myself in other cultures. I want to see as much of the world as I can.

— Rebecca, Off the Mat

To find myself in the midst of people not trying to change the real me. To chase my dreams and goals while staying true to myself. To emerge as a confident young woman who deserve nothing less than what she expects of herself which is the best. To conquer her fears that keeps her from achieving what she truly desires. To show others that she’s smart and capable of reaching the top while still staying humble and courteous.
— Patricia

To touch the lives of everyone around me with love & happiness. Whether that be through healing, laughing, or a simple smile. Everyone should feel important and worth something.
— Rachel DeMers

My dream is to become a great novelist, screenplay writer, stage and movie director. I dream I write and make art for the rest of my life. I dream my life is abundant with creative projects that allow me to serve the other and I become prosperous and can provide a good life for my son. I wish to marry a handsome man who is intellect and skilled and works in the similar fields as I do and he accepts my son as his own son. I wish to receive the MFA in the creative writing program. I wish to travel around the world and make it part of my career and life. I wish I have my own studio to do all my artworks. I dream I won awards including the Oscar for my works. I dream I live in a beautiful house with rooms for all of my family and friends.
— Leslie

Ever since I was a little girl I have always been reserved and put together. I wanted to be perfect and never wanted to mess up, but when I did, I put myself down for it and felt like the worst failure to my family, friends, and myself.

My dream is to let go – To be spontaneous – To travel and see places that are different, beautiful, and inspiring. I want to visit every continent (including Antarctica) and meet people of different cultures. I want to do something irresponsible and exciting. I want to go to college and pursue something that I love, no matter if I will make money or not. I want to fulfill my dreams and live my life.

— Anonymous

My dream is to take advantage of every day I will have. Think and do outside what I thought was possible for a poor girl. I want to take use all the potential in myself till there is nothing left and to glow with happiness from it.
— Cassi

To radically change the way the next generation of teenagers view themselves and the world. to empower them. to show them that helping eachother and promoting eachothers success will create the most productive peaceful world they have ever seen.
— Anonymous

My dream is to share my talent with the world. I want to become a concert pianist, a marine bioligist, a hair dresser, an artist, and a writer. Some of these I’ve wanted to do since I was a little girl, and my mom has told me many times that I CAN do all of those things and more! That is my dream.
— Alex

I want to live a life where I am content with my body and mind. A life filled with passion and drive. I long to experience all the world has to offer.
I want to serve in Africa and live in Austria. I want to swim with dolphins and climb the highest mountains.
There is so much potential that the earth holds, many people miss the opportunity to take advantage of it.

I will not be that person who misses out on life.

I will explore this great, big, beautiful, amazing world.

My Dream is to own a chain of daycare/ early learning centers for the advancement of education. My Dream is to learn as many languages as I can in my lifetime to communicate with my family at home (United States) and abroad. My Dream is to free the minds of those who are mentally imprisoned and lacking a life giving sources. My Dream is to help others create their dreams and continue to pay it forward for the hopes of a better tomorrow. It ties together in my mind and heart.
— Fahtina

My dream is to build a community of like-minded jewelry designers to help them with the challenges of taking a risk and going after their dreams. When I started my first jewelry business, I struggled with having enough knowledge to keep it going and it would have been so much easier if I had a resource to tap in to. As a jewelry designer myself in the second incarnation of my business, I find that having the freedom to change my path at any given time has been a powerful one. I resisted for years and made a really scary decision to make a HUGE change. Fear paralyzed me. The funny part is that I am so happy now. Without the challenges that I faced in the past, I would never be where I am today.

I also dream of a location independent business full of travel and flexibility and an amazing partner to share my adventures with. Regardless, my biggest dream is just plain old happiness.

— Tracy Matthews, Flourish and Thrive Academy

My dream is to see the world. I want to travel the world, find unique treasures, be able to write my family from where ever I am, meet new people, learn different lifestyles, and takes tons of photographs. Pinterest has opened my eyes to so many places I have never even heard of. As crazy as some of these places sound, I really hope I get to see them someday. I recently discovered a quote that stated, “Never loose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting”. I feel that God wants me to go out and explore and discover beautiful things because He knows how much I yearn for it. I’m not sure how I will get all this money to go traveling, but somehow its going to happen. I have decided I have to make this dream come true.
— Kathryn

My dream is to simply be happy.
— Rachael

My Dream is to embrace life. To live my life to its maximum potential. I long to embrace each opportunity, accepting each experience as a contribution to the person I’m supposed to be. I dream of seeing the world, indulging in cuisines I would have never thought to try at home. I dream of learning languages, and being able to communicate with people who share different views of the world. I dream of letting go of any insecurities that may hold me back from embracing the world. I dream of letting go…
— - Lucille Skjarstad

My dream is to write… and in doing so, inspire my readers to follow their own dreams, to chase after God and to become passionate about what they believe in. My dream is to make people laugh because my character did something stupid, cry when my characters cry, hurt when they hurt and cheer them on toward their goal. My dream is to write a book that, when a reader finishes it, they look up and realize they’d been living in another world… another world caught between the pages.

My dream, my biggest dream is to go to bed and wake up seeing the same person lying next to me, to walk with him through the years, to get old with him , to miss his coming from another room, to see him smile, to listen his stories, to be there for him unconditionally.
If i am lucky then i will get my chance in this lifetime to make it all happen.
But whatever happens I sure do love him.
— Birgit U

My dream is to wake up in the morning, breathe, be happy. To see the world surrounding me and think “what a wonderful world” and not be bogged down by the mean reds. My dream is to love and I know that once I figure out how to love myself I can fully start loving another. My dream is…simple, really it is, but then I wait so I guess my dream is to not wait but to do.
— Demi Frangos

My dream is to give freely, to live out my truth, to love unconditionally. I want to uplift, inspire, empower all souls to rise up to their true potential and purpose through coaching and writing. I dream to live in abundance doing the work of my higher Self – the work I truly believe in. I dream about adventure, about travelling the world and being amazed by the wonders of our beautiful world. I dream of waking up every morning with a burning passion, unwavering faith, and filled with love.

My dream is to live the dream.

My dream is to be best friends with myself.

For quite a while I had that friendship. It was beautiful exciting and loving times. The happiest, healthiest and most memorable time that I´ve had in my life. Hopeful, adventurous and free. For some reason I lost it. And have not found it for the last two years.

I remember waking up every single day and smiling, just because I was so glad and thankful for my life, each day, each coming experience. I want to wake with these thoughts again.

— Olja

My personal dream is to explore the world by traveling to all seven continents, and living in multiple! my professional dream is to help others empower themselves, reach their full potential, and give all children the chance to be innocent.
— Michelle

My dream is to graduate my school counseling program and start changing lives. My dream is to marry a man that makes me a better person and the world a better place. My dream is my father to be well enough to see the previous dream come to pass. My dream is for my mom to find peace and a safe new home. My dream is to travel, anywhere. My dream is to always be grateful for what I have. Finally, my dream is to have a red front door and an orange kitchen.
— Rachael Lee

My dream is to be happy. Really truly happy.
— Anonymous

My dream is to learn to be happy and healthy again.
To live in the present, and not in the past or future.
To accept who I am and what I am capable of.
To learn to accept change.
To learn to turn darkness into light, despair into positive change.
— Anonymous

I get mad at dreams because they are not real. I want, I desire my reality to be less stressful and make sense. More often than not I feel I am floating and doing nothing to benefit who I am or others around me. If my dreams took over my reality, I would know what to believe and what I am suppose to do. Are not dreams conjured up because of that question we all ask ourselves, “what is my purpose?”. It is so frustrating to me to dream and feel I can become who I see I am in my head until reality sinks in. The ways of the world are drowning my dreams and many others who are to blind to notice. To be honest, I wish someone could ask me this question every day I wake up, “What is your dream?”. Guarantee, it would change every morning.
— Jamilee

I’m seventeen and in high school. My dreams scare the hell out of me, but I hear thats a good thing. I live in Alabama in a tiny town, and by tiny I mean 100 kids in my graduating class. I yearn for SO much more than this place can give me. People here just don’t get it. They don’t search for a deeper meaning and long for it like I do. My dream is to live in New York. Even if just for a short time, I must live there once in my life. That city hold my heart after just one visit. Marthe, you have inspired me beyond reason. Thank you all!
— Hannah Williams

I dream to be a positive influence on someones life. I dream to be happy and work everyday on something I love surrounded by the people I love and who love me in return. I dream to be at peace.
— Brandi

My dream is let go. To be free. To do more yoga and really feel it in my soul. To enjoy my life and every moment I am given with my family, friends, and myself. To not take my husband for granite. And most of all to release the anxiety and stresses I hold about money and life.
— Angie Barker

My dream is to run 2x 5k runs to raise money for injured troops and to buy a piece of equipment in memory of a fallen friend who lost his life in Afghanisain in 2009. I started this dream this week and I started this dream thanks to you Marthe, and I WILL achieve my dream.
— Emma

My dream is to be a professional singer and to create and share music that genuinely touches people. I want to make a difference through my songs, giving people the chance to think and feel something different, opening their hearts and minds to new ways of loving and being. I’d love to use music to offer people hope when they have none. To be able to successfully express some of the joy, sadness and beauty that I witness everyday in nature, the world and all of its wonderful people. Ultimately… to make a difference, to truly live and to truly love!
— Naomi

My dream is to go on a Yoga retreat with my mum. Hopefully my dream will come true within the next few years!
— Irena

My current dream is to open a chain of low emission hair studios across the USA that cater to movers and the shakers who are out there making a difference in the world – not with their pocket book, but with their spirit and passion. Hair can be done without the BIG 4 – Ammonia, Thio, Lye and Formaldehyde – and it can be affordable.
— Deidra

My dream is to live a life I’d be jealous of.

I dream to find out for myself who I want to be & what I want to do. I dream to be happy with myself & learn to love myself. I wanna look in the mirror & say ” Look how far I’ve come, look how happy, beautiful, & strong I am.”I have an overwhelming wanderlust that I crave to fulfill. I wanna see the world in my own eyes, see the world as it is; the small coastal villages, the mountains & creeks only few have seen. I wanna marry the man of my dreams, & fulfill my dreams with him by my side. I dream to be the best I can be. I wanna look back on my life & know I lived it to the fullest, that I didn’t let fear or judgment get in the way of exploring & experiencing life. I dream to love the little things & family the best I can. Dream Big.
— Nikell

My dream is to own an international non-profit organization, traveling around the world, and helping others.
— Nena Ocampo

To be apart of a change for good – to feel like i’m being the best me i can be and doing the best i can do. to lend a hand to an injured animal, to be an ear to those who don’t get their stories told, to create something that emits a rush of positive energy, to make others feel as good as i do. To spread knowledge, to better our world, to make the sun shine for my loved ones even when the skies are grey. My dream is not marriage, its not infinite youth, its not a ferrari in a double garage with a white picket fence.. Its to leave my own little watermark on the Universe, a piece of myself thati’d be proud to leave behind.

My dream is to finally see myself as valuable, smart and worth knowing. To know that I can make choices that are ok with my beliefs and not need approval or permission.
To be stable emotionally and in the place I call home. That the person I come home to loves me and I accept it. That I trust myself and others. To have a freedom from my family’s love and worry and believe that I can do something beyond them.
And to turn my creativity into a financial bonus. Either as an artist or an arts and crafts teacher.
— M.M

My dream is to design beautiful spreads for my favorite magazines (Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Vogue) and start my own charity where I can help children who are less fortunate.

To see the world.
To continue the energy to complete this travel list I wake up everyday relisting.
To find an unselfish balance between appreciation and acceptance of what I have accomplished on my list, as well as what is still to come.
To actually be in the moment without thinking about what is next.
To meet people without judgement and collect all I can from them.
To write and keep up with thoughts, sights, learnings, and feelings.
To become wiser, allow all that is around me to help me grow.
To love being in the simple as well as always on the go and changing scenes.
To find something beautiful in myself everyday.
To make a career out of my love for travel and all the beauty I see in our world.
— Marissa Jo

To find a dream that changes me and love that consumes me.
My dream is to keep on renovating my dreams as the last one got checked of the checklist.
— Haya F

I want to finally be free of expectations others held for me. I want to move to a creative place such as Brooklyn, have a rooftop garden, be married. And to make art and share it with people.

I dream of happiness
— Rhegan

My dream is to be free. I want to feel the wind rush through my hair and greet it like an old friend, not envy it like a green vixen. I want this sorrow that rises in my chest when I lay eyes on the horizon to evaporate. I want to smile and laugh, often. I want to be surrounded by warmth and loved ones. I dream that someone shares this ambition, that we will find each other, and that our lives will be nothing less than a novel adventure. I am going to find my dream.

I am from a city in Montana, I have been moved often and have lived in South Dakota for nine years. This summer, I am moving to Seattle with nothing more than my three closest friends.
Freedom, no, Life, here I come. ♥

— Kat

I want to be free of college debt – I want to make money that gets to stay in the bank.
I want to spend that money traveling the world – I want to live abroad, in Paris or Dublin.
I want to see my book finished and published and adored by children everywhere.
I want to take care of my parents so my Daddy doesn’t have to work, and my Momma doesn’t have to worry.
I want true love and high adventure and to not feel guilty for pursuing them.
I want to be happy, every day, if only just for a moment, in whatever I am doing.

I don’t want a career – I want to live.

I have a huge dream. Everyday, I become overwhelmed with passion. Passion for the City. I long for New York City. I want to write for the New York Times. I want to sing my lungs out in a recording studio and on the corners of Manhattan. I wish for the skyline every night and I won’t stop chasing until I see it again. I have to escape little Alabama and find what’s waiting for me out there, even if completely alone, I will succeed. I promised myself.
— Kalee

To live in the countryside where the air is clean and the people are nice.
To feel a part of a community. To make friends (I really don’t have any right now).
To have two careers, one making beautiful things to brighten up the world, and another working with people to make this world a nice, safe place to be.
To be present in the moment, not in the dark moments of the past or the anxieties of days to come. To breathe deep and know I am safe, loved and ok.
To live my life calmly. To weather the bumps and giggle on the way.
To make and grow a baby.
To take care of my body and mind, with the love and nourishment they deserve.
To wake up hopeful and fall asleep thankful.
— Jessica

I dream of being truly happy. I am so excited for the day when I get to live my happily ever after.
— Kayla

I dream of world where everyone feels loved. I dream of forgiveness. I dream about finishing the puzzle that makes sense of life.

I want to be free. Forever. I want to liberate and be happy with my life. Yes, that’s what I want. I want this whole dramatic life to end.
— Yashmi

My dream was to publish my book before I was 16 years old. Now, I have turned 16 and I did not accomplish that goal. I’ve been writing this book for five years, and it still isn’t finished. It was hard at first, to accept that my dream didn’t happen, but I see now that sometimes our dreams can’t come true when we think they should. God has His own plan for me, and it is to publish my book. Whenever that happens. My dream didn’t end just because it didn’t happen in time- dreams cannot be put under limits. Now I have all the time in the world to live my dream and make it last for a very long time. My dream is to publish my book when God knows the world is ready for it.
— Anonmyous

The dream I strive for is
a beautiful house
in wich to dress for a beautiful life.

I like to believe that once
that special life is become a reality,
the beautiful “dress” for it
will somehow become reall as well.

The house will have a creative and warm atmosphere
with lots of things going on.

We make music, photography, painting
and much more.
And we will be good at it.
That House helps us become good at what we are doing.

We will not have to worry, nor even think of finances.
Somehow that takes care of itself…

Many people are spontaniously coming over
just to be.
I do not need to act the good hostes (because I am not).
People are WELCOME to hang around
and share our life and feel at home.

— Olga M

My dream is to truly find myself. For the time being I’m on a wonderful journey of discovery. To discover myself. My ultimate dream is to find the real me. The real Sarah McGarry. Then and only then, will I be able to truly jump into life and prosper all that it offers. After I have found the real me. After I discovered myself.
— Sarah

My dream is to be an author, inspire young girls. Open a book shop for teens. Speak to teens and inspire.
— Emily

My dream is to live in peace.
I want to love earth and all it’s beings unconditionally.
To not let fear and hatred control myself but courage and love.
I want to learn to accept and understand people because they are one of the hardest obstacles of peace.
My dream is to seek peace inwardly and outwardly.
In my heart I feel it is my purpose.
— Alexandra

To be born again and fix all mistakes.To guide myself in the right path, and be the best of all the rest! To be next to you all trough the night, to feel loved, safe, comforted.
— lovely keekee lino


My dream is to live my life with what is true in my heart and to be free from the years of emotional pain in my past. My dream is to be a helping hand to others in my future career. My dream is to life a life full of adventure, happiness, love, and inner peace.
— Alexandra

My dream is to get married to the man i love, and travel to live in his country , and to have kids and make a my own happy family :)
My dream is to be a positive person, and always be happy what ever it happens!
My dream is be successful and can get what i want , and know how to get it.
— Sara

My dream is to be a successful dancer and a best choreographer. Every day I aim for a new light Dream high for my passion Practice more for my success so I could touch the sky and go high up towards my destination. I was inspired by the small dancers of DID so I too want to inspire those dancers who are really lacking their confidence of dancing. Dance is all what I feel and it’s never gonna be waste of my time and its my only love. I live for dance and am here for only to dance. I every day dream of going on to the big stage where I could prove myself as a good dancer. I wanna be famous and known only by my passion. I know one day I’ll surely be popular and everyone gonna know me. And also that day will come when my signature will be changed into an autograph. I’m waiting for that day to come.
— Reeya

Always I fight against lazy. I really want to be who I am and to be proud of what I am. My dream is to be a real man in order to make a better family and a better world.
— Sibo J Baptise

My only dream is to fly! And i know I know this place is for realistic dreams. Like to be successful in life, or happy in a stable position at a job. BUT to FLY. call me crazy or insane. BUT I’VE DREAMED OF FLIGHT SINCE I WAS A KID. and i don’t mean in a plane or sky diving. i mean solo. if you have recently seen the new captain america winter soldier. Falcon is the closest thing i can represent as my flight. Ever since i was a kid i have had the same dream. i’m running fast, faster then i think any one can. and i jump. and i’m flying i can see over houses and trees and yards. and i feel my self light like air. and then i slowly start to float down. and i gently touch the ground and i feel like everything around me is lite. and … then i wake up. i even to make this a real thing but taping large over sized Rubbermaid lids to my arms. and jumping off my bed with an umbrella as a kid. I even try i want this to be a real thing i want to fly its all I’ve ever been passionate about and i don’t know how to achieve it. every time i think about it it feels like there is a hole in my chest. If any one can help me. give me a heads up. its sounds absurd i know but. didn’t we all think about stuff like this as a kid.
— Mary M. N.

My dream is to be an actress. I want to make people feel that amazing feeling after you just watched a good movie. I want to live different lives.
— Christine

My dream is: to be free from illness and to own my own home/studio.
— Sharon

I want to heal, delete operating scars, stop going to doctors every week, just wanna be happy be normal. I want someone who will see that I’m broken even if I smile. But, I thank God for this life, cuz’ when you make someone (who is sick like you) happy….there isn’t nothing more beautiful than that smile.
— Christina

I want to be a forest ecologist, so I can spend everyday out in nature soaking up the powerful energy that the forest gives us. I want to be a part of an organization that protects the integrity of forest ecosystems. I want to be happy and forgive myself for not being perfect all the time and for making mistakes. I hope to make everyone around me feel loved and happy, I don’t want to hold on to the past and beat myself up over silly things. I will start building a life of purpose right now!
— Alaska

My dream is to take a trip around the world and then i would like to establish my company which can give a lot of imformation about each country’s culture, food, history and people to someone who falls in love with world. Even though i’m korean and i am not good at speaking in english, i really want to talk to people in the West. We know that I have a different set of values and thinking from yours but we can have a word and understand each other. I hope that everyone submits your dream in this site can achieve their goals.
— Hyeon Woo Kim

My dream is to break through the boundaries put in place by my (unsupportive) parents…to prove everybody wrong and to become successful not just career-wise, but in my social life, and in my health, as well.
— Anonymous

My dream is to be beautiful or as beautiful as i can be.  yes i mean literally.  yoga, walking, relaxation, and leaving an abusive relationship, water, fruit, veg, proper meals and some schedule in my life, deep sleep in a place i feel safe, realistic goals, and no more studying and vague self-improvement. BEAUTIFUL. AND IF I FAIL AT LEAST I MIGHT LOOK OK WHICH IS NOT WHAT I LOOK NOW.
— Anonymous

As a child, i’ve always dreamed of living abroad with my family, travelling round the world; to different countries! Seeing the aurora borealis! playing in the snow! Learning new cultures and languages. Having friends in every race. Discovering the beautiful world God has created and enjoying life to the fullest! My dream is to laugh….laugh alot and be happy…very happy! My dream is to become a surgeon someday and touch lives and reflect Gods love and show how He heals in miraculous ways. My dream is to be flourishing in every area of my life,to live in on of those sky rise apartments with glass all round so that i could see the beautiful sunset everyday and see the beautiful bright city lights at night, to take perfect care of my mum, marry my soulmate, the bone of my bone, the flesh of my flesh, my better half and have beautiful twins! And most importantly, my ultimate dream is to go to heaven when im very old and wrinkly say 120 years… And to anyone who reads this, remember Luke 1:37 that says, with God all things are possible….all your dreams,goals and aspirations! Even when it seems like things are going wrong and your dream will never come true, Keep the faith! God sure didnt put that dream in you for it to be dormant……it will surely come to realization!
— Nellie Ifeoma Egun

I dream about living an extraordinary life, travelling far, meeting talented and smart people, working on projects I am passionate about.
— Anonymous

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My dream is to be friends with a celebrity.
— Rozerin

My dream is to live my life the way I want to and not be chained to the expectations everyone else holds me to. I just want to be happy and free.
— Kylauni

My dream is to change how i deal with things. To learn to overcome my past, and move on to a new chapter. Maybe a whole new book, and just live fully and travel and laugh a lot. To be happy and surrounded by people i feel safe around and that will grow with me.
— Kristiina, website

My dream is to be friends with everyone and to help others as much as possible. I wish to lead a simple,peaceful and lovable life with my loved ones.
— Cindhiya

My dream is to become a pop star one day and that i become popular on youtube so i can get a lot of view,comment, and subscribers!!!!!!!
Oh an dthat my hair grows!!!!
— Zita, website

My dream is to find something in life that I can do with passion and to feel that the sun can not get up early enough to do my stuff. My dream is to feel in my life that I am satisfied with myself and my accomplishments. My dream is to feel that I am utilizing my abilities on the highest level. My dream is to create a world around myself that gives me energy for staying positive and happy.
— Tikka, website

I wanna be fashion designer, but I’m poor, I don’t have money and I don’t know where to start.
— Ammara kazmi, website

I dream of being happy. I dream of being free, of loving and accepting myself. I dream of changing the world, changing lives. I dream of traveling, having adventures, discovering. I dream of being successful. I dream of having a family, some day far from today. I dream of feeling accomplished. Most of all I dream of living my life freely and completely.
— Karina Sofía, website

My dream is to touch all the things have been afraid of…. because its not like I am going to die…
but i know I am Born to die…!!!!!
— DiggyKings, website

My dream is to be happy.  And to get married, buy a house and have a child.  And to live closer to my family and open up.
— Anonymous, website

My dream is to live each moment I’m given to the fullest. To be able to meet the needs of my family and friends with love and compassion towards them and myself. To allow myself to make mistakes and learn from them. To see what needs to be done and do it, instead of hiding. To learn to nurture and love myself.
— Linda, website


My dream is to enable others to revisit the patterns of thought and way of life they unconsciously or unwillingly ended up accepting so that people begin to take charge of their own lives and opinions and create values and beliefs based on something more genuine and deep, yet simple and raw.  To reclaim what it is we so quickly said each human being is- unique individuals. (I wish that I play a part in removing some of the dust and dirt which taints the chance of realising and receiving this reality, where corruption and pure selfish gain finds no place anymore. I want to go in this direction and I hope that others will join me. Through my writing I try to envision these thoughts and feelings and set up this space for self-reflection and ponderous wondering. I love it and I hope others find something in it for themselves too.
— Simone, website

My dream is to wake up every morning healthy and happy in the knowledge that there is peace on earth.

— Samantha, website

My dream is to someday make a difference in this world through my writing. Just become a great journalist and be able to tell people their stories.

— Marie, website

My dream is to someday make a difference in this world through my writing. Just become a great journalist and be able to tell people their stories.

— Liene, website

My dream is to inspire people, bring inspiration, joy and hapiness. Help them to find their wings, to shine bright.

— Aline, website

My dream is a country home with the love of my life who is my very best friend and companion.

— Paul Anthony Wishart, website

My dream is: to relentlessly seek out Joy even when it’s hidden from view.

— Burton, website

My dream is to leave a mark on this earth; to work with girls and women who are from a back ground of abuse in all forms, to let them know that they are not the problem, that they are loved and valued. I want to see my country’s reading culture improved by teaching children from less privileged backgrounds to read. I want to travel and leave in different countries learning and sharing in different cultures. My dream is to know love, Peace joy and happiness in my lifetime.

— Phoeby Musonda, website

My dream is to find the people who will truly love and care about me. My dream is to find somewhere I belong.

— Amber, website

My dream is to become a better person by finding myself. I want to be able to help people without being judged by anybody. I want to prove to my family that helping people is the most beautiful thing, and that no matter what they could think of me, I’m gonna reach my goals anyway.. I just wish I can do it.
— Inès, website

My dream is to be at peace with my decisions and take joy from the present moment.
— Berti, website

My dream is: to make a change. Need I say more?
— Anonymous, website

My dream is to be happy, be free and experience reality. I feel that I’ve been cooped up for so long. I want to travel, see places and see different people.
— Marcelle, website

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