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The Freedom Experiment

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What Home Means To Me

Home means to have a harbour

Today is my turn to Pin it Forward.  Have you heard of Pinterest? Basically it's a site like weheartit that allows you to save pictures that you find online. You can categorize your boards and the pictures are displayed in a great way. I have 10 invites for the first 10 who e-mail me. I've made a pinboard with photos that represent what home means to me. To find the source of each photo, please go to my pinterest pinboard and click the images there. I'm forwarding this to Florence Oliver, so go by her blog tomorrow to see what home means to her!

Home means drinking lots of tea during fall, winter & spring

Home means to feel safe in a comfortable bed

Home means decorating, work & inspiration

Home means home-cooked food and a beautiful kitchen

Home means being creative, taking photos & planning travels

Home means being close to nature here in Norway

Home means to read a lot

What does home mean to you?