The Freedom Experiment

The Freedom Experiment

Everything is possible

An introduction to The Freedom Experiment

So, what's the deal about this Freedom Experiment?

First of all, let me illustrate with a little story: As you may have seen, I changed the URL of this blog in July. The reason why I haven't done anything else about it for so long is because I didn't really know where to start. Because I want this new blog direction to come off great. What struck me this friday was that I have really been too afraid of failure to start writing about my freedom experiment. And not starting anything (well, not posting anything at all really) is the biggest failure of all. So here it it, dead simple, the start that I have been dreading.

The point is, hold on, I have not been free. My own fears of failure have constrained me, kept me away from doing what I really wanted to do. Ever felt this way? And this is what The Freedom Experiment is all about. Helping you become true to yourself and fulfil your dreams.

It's about being free from restrains such as illness, obligations, ignorance, self-doubt, debt, posessions and all the other evil concept that drags you down. (I crossed all this badness out for us, if you don't mind)

Lets replace it with the freedom to travel, learn, read, pursue your dream, dare to be yourself, do amazing thigs++++ The list goes ON AND ON. There's so much you can do!!

Several times a week I will inspire you with wonderful how-to's and thought-twisters and interviews with inspiring people. Juicy stuff is coming your way!

What do you want to be free to do?

See my own answer in the comments!