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15 Hot Tips to Enjoy Fall


4693150825_a396c9d6d7_z Fall is coming here on the northern hemisphere (a lot of these tips are still applicable to my antipodean friends!). Even though it means the end of summer, I love fall. Here are my tips to enjoy fall to the fullest:

Drink lots of tea and hot beverages. I recommend Kusmi Tea and tea from Palais de Thé. My current favorites are black teas with berries and spices.

Read great novels. You can see my fiction recommendations here. Also consider reading something non-fiction like The Art of Non-Conformity and The Happyness Project.

Wear a comfortable knitted scarf. Or even better, start knitting your own!

Buy some new stationary. Etsy is great for stationary made by independent store owners. This way you'll get something unique and pretty & at the same time support someone who is following their dream.

Participate in NaNoWriMo. This one is my favorite. Write that novel you have been dreaming about writing. Do it over the period of one month in november. It's challenging, but I promise you it is worth it at the end!

Play with the leaves. Have fun playing with the fallen leaves. My favorite activity is to gather lots and lots of leaves and then throw them over my head. Idyllic, no?

Smell the fresh air. My favorite part of fall is the crisp and clear air. Spend lots of time outdoors and enjoy it while it lasts.

Visit a museum. To visit a new exhibition is a great way to spend those fall afternoons. Check out when your local museum has long opening hours (usually on thursdays or fridays) and spend the dark and stormy nights watching art.

See some new films. Check out what's on at your local cinema or rent some old favorites. Nothing is better than dreaming of far away places and exciting adventures!

Learn something new. Fall is school time, and even though you are not in school anymore, spend those longer nights on learning something you have always wanted to learn. Parlez vous francais?

Plan the next summer. When you can't bear the coldness and darkness anymore, take out a map and plan your next trip! Maybe you can manage to get away to a warmer place?

Go to the woods and find wild berries. Nothing tastes better than berries (or jam!) you have picked yourself!

Take fall inside with you. Take the beautiful colors inside with you and bring some branches with colorful leaves on the table. Eat this seasons vegetables while they are still fresh and tasty. Eat local.

Make some new friends. Even though you might be finished with school, fall is the time for new friends. Anyone new started working where you work? Or moved in in your neighbourhood? Make a new friend this fall and nurture the relationship all through the darkest seasons.

Indulge in new fashion trends. Get inspired by this seasons new magazines, fashion weeks and trends in store. Go through your wardrobe and put all your summer clothes in storage. Make room for something new.

What are your best tips to enjoy fall?