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10 tips to create space to dream

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Again, I'm inspired by the Shed Project when I write this post. I absolutely love the idea of creating blank space, it will definitely bring new good things into your life. Most people don't even know what their dreams are. And if they do, they usually limit themselves and undermine the dream by either ignoring it completely or telling themselves it is just a dream. I belive that we need to actively find time in our lives and let ourselves dream. Who knows where it will take you? Here are a few simple tips to free up some space in your life for dreaming:

◊ turn off the tv, internet, music, phone. Close the door. Snuggle up with a blanket and some tea. Let your thoughts wander.

◊ Close your eyes for a moment and quiet your mind. Do this no matter where you are or what you are doing. Clear some space in that busy head!

◊ Answer: "If I had all the money in the world, I would ..." and "the thing I want most in this world is ..." Make sure you don't fool yourself and answer what you think is appropriate. Or just write a list of all the things in your life that make you smile. See 100 things to love (which was actually my first blog post ever).

◊ Next time you are on a train or bus, don't try to kill time, just  look out the window and watch the beautiful world we live in pass you by.

◊ Put up dream reminders around your home. What represents your dream? I've got a huge poster with a map of NYC over my bed. Just sayin'...

◊ Write your dreams down and keep them where you see them. I have followed Gala Darling's advice and have written down my dreams in present tense and put it in front of my filofax. It's so easy to lose focus when the world is screaming for your attention.

◊ Spend some time with children. Notice how children dream without limiting themselves. For them, anything is possible. And it's true!

◊ Ask people what their dreams are. It's so inspirational, I can't even say. Stay tuned for the first Dream Experiment!

◊ Look at the skies.  Or even better, the stars. Imagine somewhere in the world someone else is doing the same as you. Imagine yourself living a different life. Do what it takes to take you there.

◊ Turn off your cell and go for a long walk in a forest or park nearby. Just walk slowly and let your thoughts wander with you. If you notice that you start to think about your worries or stress, just gently direct your mind to focus on one of your life dreams.

Do you find time to dream in your daily life? What are your best tips on how to make the dream come true?