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Wisdoms from moving abroad


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What is it about the big dream that keeps us from realizing it? What makes you put off doing what you really want to do? It all boils down to fear of failure. It's your life goal, your reason for being, your soul and your spirit. What happens if you mess it up? Painfully, truth is, messing it up is better than doing nothing.

Like many of you, I have always dreamed of moving abroad. I was scared. When the big day came, I was sad. I feared I would never feel at home, manage to relax. And here I am, settled in in just one month. Feels like I've been living here for ever.

Wisdoms from moving abroad - Or lullabies for frightened soon-to-be expats

- It's not as frightening as you think in advance

- You will adapt well to new surroundings

- Adapting takes less time than you imagine

- Living abroad will not take away your desire to travel

- Going out of the house always means you'll discover something exciting

- Being apart from friends and family can actually make your relationships stronger (you might even stay in touch more often than you did before)

- Distance (from friends, loved ones, habits, familiar places) can be a powerful source of inspiration

- You will discover that there exists vegetables you have never heard of, seen or ever tasted

- You probably won't miss any food from home in particular

- Unfamiliar streets will lead to exciting discoverings when you get lost

- A smile goes a long way (especially when you can't understand the language or an accent)

- Moving with just a few suitcases is possible

- You'll discover that it's not about the things, the place, the country, the people. It's about you.

- You will get used to strange local customs

- New experiences and influences weigh up for what you miss from home

- You will grow tremendously as a person

Personal wisdoms:

- I am much more independent than I thought I was

- My english is developing rapidly. I might even get a british accent!

- I don't mind doing the dishes as much as I thought (I'm used to a dishwasing machine)...

- Living with more than one person means there's always someone to talk to

Have you overcomed a fear lately? What did you realize?