The Freedom Experiment

The Freedom Experiment

Everything is possible

Instant sparks of connection. Love in a flash.


Eyes meeting. Smiles exchanged. Electric sparks. Souls uniting.

We all want to feel connection. Love. We want to feel connected. Loved.

This post is not about that everlasting connection between lovers. Between family. Friends.

This is about connecting with strangers. Only for a brief moment.

I had one of those moments yesterday. A flash of connection that was over in an instant.

I had been out shopping and came home with a top and a scarf. (which is not totally irrelevant.) I decided to try on the top again to see if I still liked it. I don't have a mirror in my room in England, so I had to use the window to be able to see how it looked. It was dark outside, so I could see myself clearly. I put on my best face and posed.

And then I looked down on the street. My room is on the first floor, with a view down on the street below. As I looked down, I meet the eyes of a complete stranger. He had seen me posing and was clearly entertained. When he saw that I had seen him, his face lit up and he gave me a huge smile. Then he reached up his hand and gave me the thumbs up. For a brief second, I was embarrassed and self-conscious. I didn't exactly want someone to see me giving a silly pose. Then I returned the smile and laughed. It was one of those magic moments. When you connect with a complete stranger. (And I took it as a sign to keep the top).

This has happened a lot lately -- Smiling to a stranger in a café -- Meeting the eye of a young mother while admiring her child -- Laughing and smiling when I'm almost bumping into someone on the street and get a smile back -- Laughing out loud when witnessing something funny and realizing I'm not the only one who saw what happened. A man saw the same and we shared a laugh for a few seconds. --

It's instant connection. love in a flash.

We all feel disconnected at times. Unloved. Invisible and lonely.

And truth is, sometimes we are disconnected from friends and family. Sometimes we are unable to feel the love. Sometimes no one sees us for who we are. Sometimes we really are all alone in the world.

And it is all very painful.

Isn't it comforting, then, to know that we are all connected? Just go out and smile to everyone, I promise you you'll feel it.

Smile. Make yourself visible. Show people that you are willing to connect. Take a walk around town and see if you can help someone. It takes two to connect. Take the first step.

In that moment souls are dancing.