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The Freedom Experiment

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From stuck to done deal dreaming – How to reclaim motivation and get back up on the horse

Dreams. Just saying the word makes me all sparkly inside.

But there's something fuzzy about dreams that often make them stay – just dreams. We tend to over-estimate the obstacles. And under-estimate our own abilities. And the real tricky part is that the most powerful dreams require the greatest amount of courage and hard work.

Walking the long and winding road toward your destination, you need to be armored with a strong motivation. Because there will be detours. There will fallen trees or flooded rivers on your way. You will get tired. (And maybe even contemplate going back home.) Overnight success is seldom happening over night. And a journey that should normally take 2 weeks, usually takes three.

You are working on achieving your dream, which means you already have a powerful power source. (If not – don't shoot the messenger – you will have to re-assess your dream, there's no way around it.) But you might need some additional fuel when the going gets rough. First of all, you need to make sure you're loving the process – not just the goal.

Sparkle it up, make it ultra-fun & don't confuse the end with the means

Do you want to write, or do you want to get published? Do you want to be an entrepreneur or do you want to earn lots of money? Do you want to learn french or do you want to be fluent? Confusing your dream goal and the process of getting there is a common mistake. It is also the easiest way to lose motivation. Make sure you love what you're doing – and the goal will become a sweet bonus. If you make the required tasks fun and inspiring, you'll also stay motivated.

To get back on track and start building momentum, begin with doing the tasks that are fun. You're absolutely allowed to have dessert before dinner. When you've started to build up some speed, you're much more able to tackle the less fun parts too. Because life can't be a fairy tale all the time. However, if a large part of your to-do-list is not something you like to do, you might be on the wrong track or doing it for the wrong reasons.

Utilize the power of a strong symbol

Find something connected with your dream that instantly lifts your spirits. For me it's the song Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys and Jay Z. Every time I hear it I feel that anything is possible. I can't help it, I just have to dance and sing along! It's a great song, but it gives me extra confidence and instant power because I've chosen it to symbol my dream. And it always seems to pop up on the radio whenever I need to hear it the most.

Do you have something similar? If not, I suggest you pay attention to what makes you explode with dreamy happiness. It can be a song, a movie, a color, a sparkly necklace or a vision/inspiration board. What do you see again and again? How about recording a message to yourself to remind you of what you want to achieve? It is important that this is something you can play, watch, view or look at when you're feeling powerless, the dream seems far away or you've suffered a defeat.

Visualize, analyze and funnel your fuel

Visualizing your dream as a done deal might sound a little too new age-y for some. And it might or might not help your dream come true by aligning stars, planets, intentions and whatnot. I can't promise that. But I know it will help you stay motivated and keep that fire burning.

Here's how: Take a few moments and some alone time. Make sure you sit comfortably. Now close your eyes and imagine you're there. Your dream is coming true this very second. – Insert bands playing, confetti and loots of cheering people here – What does it look like? Which sounds do you hear? What can you smell? (It's success, baby!) More importantly, how does it feel? That feeling is your fuel.

Thank you thank you thank you

Spend some time looking at what you have already achieved. Make a list of gratitude for every step you have completed up until this point. You can start your sentences with "I'm so happy and grateful..." Make sure you include your own achievements, people who have helped you, luck, good timing – everything that has happened up until now, whether you've played the major part in it or not.The point is to shift your focus on what is working, and to make you see how really good things sometimes just happen out of the blue. Changing your mindset will help you recognize opportunities when they come (and they will, I promise). Don't forget to express your gratitude to those who have helped you in person too. Positivity, gratitude and a strong trust in the process of life will carry you to higher ground.

Step by step, day by day, and dream after sparkly dream

Achieving dreams is overwhelming stuff. It's meant to be this way, otherwise it wouldn't be a dream, but a mere possibility. But overwhelm is extremely dry stuff. Swop! It can suck out the energy from even the most experienced achiever. The key to overcome overwhelm is to break things up into small, overcomeable chunks.

It might go slow, but it will go steady. Progress is progress!

The best part is that when you overcome overwhelm, your power, motivation and energy will return in no time. Nothing is as energizing as being in motion, gathering momentum and feeling the wind in your hair.

Access restricted – for the experienced and motivated only

Would you want to climb Mount Everest with a friend who is both afraid of heights and in a bad shape? –– Didn't think so. That is what achieving dreams is like too. You don't want your dream scheme to include people who are afraid of success and who don't want to move out of their comfort sone. I've read that you are the sum of the 5 friends you spend the most time with. You've heard it before, and I'm saying it again. Make sure those 5 people are athletes when it comes to dream achievement. (Or even coaches – wouldn't that be nice?) Imagine for a second, how awesome it would be to climb a mountain with a skilled climber who is just as excited to get to the top as you are. Feels good, right? Motivation is contagious. Surround yourself with people who support you, and who are determined to achieve their own dreams.

Motivation is not something you have or have not. It's not about being either motivated or stuck. Motivation is something you gather. It is something you walk out into the world and look for. Search for. But it can also be found internally. Ask yourself if your lack of motivation comes from within or if it can be traced back to an external source.

It's hard work. But when you're back on the horse, weapon in hand, on your way to conquer the world, it is most certainly worth it.


“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”

– Karen Ravn