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Hello lovely!

Since blogging's been a little brief and random lately, I thought I'd just say hello from Indonesia! I'm currently in Yogyakarta, which is considered the cultural capital of Indonesia.

At the time of writing, we've been traveling for a month already, and we're starting to get a little tired from being on the move. That's why we're currently enjoying a few days by the guesthouse pool to relax. We have experienced so much already!

Our trip started for real in Japan with 10 days in Tokyo. Inspiration overload! Evidently, Tokyo is the place to go if you're into cute stuff! Out of everything,  shopping for stationary was a real hightlight for me. I bought no less that 11 (!!) notebooks. To say that I travel light is an understatement in every possible way. Other cute ideas I picked up was bag baskets in cafés, wrapping books in paper when reading, the cutest lunch boxes ever and flat hats.

Our next stop was Malaysia and we stayed for a few days in Kuala Lumpur. One of the hightlights in KL was to meet the lovely Diane from Musings in Stop Motion. We spent an afternoon with her and her friends at a great café. I must say it was amazing to hang out with some cool Malaysian people to get a feel of how Malaysians are like! After a few days in KL we went on the Jungle Railway for a 14 hour train ride through the jungle to Wakaf Bahru to get to the Perhentian Islands. These islands are as close as you get to paradise on earth. The beaches are white, the water is turquoise, the food is amazing and the people are friendly. And there's great diving and snorkeling! We spent a whole week at Perhentian Kecil Island which is a great and very relaxed place to hang out.

We also spent a few days in Singapore before flying down to Yogya. The highlight in Singapore was visiting a shop I went to three years ago; Books Actually. It's one of the best bookshops I have ever visited, and they sell their own line of stationary which is really lovely. They also have two resident cats!

To sum it up, I'm having a great time traveling! I'm trying to keep up with blogging, but it's challenging since are so many exciting things to do and see! But I do have a long list of post ideas and inspiration from the trip, so stay put. If anyone wants to guest post or has questions about traveling in Asia or backpacking in genreal, feel free to comment or send me an e-mail.