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How to travel when you're not traveling

Photo by Hey Summer

Do you dream of traveling, but not going anywhere this summer? Sometimes, the timing just isn’t right. Or you don’t really have the funds to go as far as you’d like.

You don’t really have to go far to have a fabulous summer. With these tips I’ll show you how to travel when you’re not traveling.

1. Go to a local museum or sight. Chances are you’ve taken something for granted and never experienced the greatness on your own doorstep.

2. Hit the local beach, lake or swimming hall. Spend the whole day and unwind totally. When the water is cool and the sky is blue, does it really matter where in the world you are?

3. Explore a new culture. Does you city have a Chinatown? Or maybe a minority district? Go to these places and take in all the exotic inspiration you can. Eat, shop and enjoy!

4. Do something new. Part of what makes traveling so great is to experiene new things. Why not take an interesting class, try a new activity or taste the strangest item on the menu of your local café?

5. Wander in your own city. Take a camera (and maybe a map) and wander aimlessly through the streets you don’t normally go to. Chances are you’ll discover a new café, shop or park that will make your home city even more amazing.

6.Read a guidebook for your city. What is your city known for? What would you do if you were a tourist in your own town?

7. Book a night or two in a hotel, or clean your apartment and invest in some white towels and bedsheets to get that luxurious hotel feel.

8. Send postcards to your friends! Who said you need to travel to send postcards?

9. If all else fails, indulge in a really good book that will take you to your dream destination and back. Shantaram is great for India, The Buddha of Suburbia will take you to London, Hemingway will take you to Paris and Haruki Murakami will take you to Japan if you let him. Or how about spending some time in Faerie with Stardust by Neil Gaiman?

Over to you: What are you best tips for traveling when you’re at home? What are you doing this summer?