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99 Dreams to Accomplish in a Year (The Everything is Possible List)

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Do you need a little boost for your dream list? Want something awesome you can accomplish in a year or less? Let me present the ultimate short-term dream list! With careful planning and determination, all these dreams can come true in less than 12 months*. Just don't hestitate, take the leap and start planning! And even if these aren't on your top dream list, I can promise that you'll never regret having cuddled lions in Africa or seen the sunrise over Angkor Wat.

*If you don't believe me, e-mail me, I'll help you see possibilities and make a plan!

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▲Save money and travel for 2 months ▲Visit New York City ▲Go on a road trip ▲Ride on an elephant ▲Volunteer at a lion orphanage ▲Swim with dolphins ▲Climb a vulcano ▲ See Angkor Wat or Macchu Picchu ▲Visit an Indian Ashram ▲See the sunrise in the desert ▲Island-hop in Greece ▲See wild gorillas ▲Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower ▲Visit a friend abroad ▲Go backpacking ▲Suntan on a white beach with turquoise water ▲Go snorkeling ▲Learn to surf ▲Go on a safari ▲Go paragliding ▲Rent an italian farmhouse ▲See a natural phenomenon like snow, northern lights, famous canyons or volcanos


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▲Host a fabulous dinner party ▲Save money and go on an epic spending spree ▲Eat at a Michelin star restaurant ▲Stay in a 5-star hotel ▲Buy a car ▲Fly first class ▲Buy a designer item ▲Change your wardrobe ▲Spend a weekend at a spa ▲Stay in a snow hotel


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Knowledge and skills

▲Learn french ▲Learn to ski ▲Learn to play the guitar ▲Learn to meditate ▲Learn to take better photographs ▲Get Scuba Dive Certification ▲Learn yoga ▲Get top marks on a test ▲Learn to dance ballet ▲Learn to belly-dance ▲Learn to paint or draw


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Mind & Body

▲Get in shape ▲Train and run a marathon ▲Start journaling regularly ▲Go back to university ▲Make a new friend ▲Get rid of a phobia ▲Change someone’s life ▲Re-vamp your diet ▲Get a pet ▲Get a tattoo ▲Spend a week in solitude ▲Raise money for charity ▲Learn to love yourself ▲Grow your hair ▲Tidy your whole house go minimalist ▲Connect with your grandparents ▲Forgive someone ▲Change jobs ▲Ditch a bad habit ▲Become happier ▲Re-connect with an old friend ▲Get a make-over ▲Learn to say no ▲Heal your emotional wounds ▲Build a group of close friends ▲Fall in love ▲Have a baby (just be careful with this one, it will change your life forever!)


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▲Bungee jumping or parachuting ▲Writing a novel ▲Learning build a successful blog ▲See your favorite band live ▲Climb a mountain ▲Skinny Dip ▲Fly in a hot air balloon ▲Bake a wedding cake ▲Record a demo and send it to record companies ▲Be an extra in Hollywood (or Bollywood) ▲Walk on fire ▲Get your writing published in a magazine or journal ▲Self-publish your novel, photo book, recipe book or life story ▲Meet your hero ▲Commit to a 365 project like a photo a day or no shopping ▲Fly a helicopter ▲Perform a striptease ▲Attend a fashion show ▲Start a band ▲Sleep under the sky ▲Start a book club


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Career and money

▲Get an internship ▲Start a business ▲Craft and start an etsy store ▲Quit school ▲Raise your income ▲Get out of debt ▲Get the perfect part-time job to finance other dreams


Is your dream not listed? Can it be achieved in less than a year?