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The Freedom Experiment

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Push it to the edge of edges - how to take care of yourself

Don't let your dreams become a burden. Don't let your hopes weigh you down. And never - ever - let yourself use a dream as an excuse to push yourself beyond your boundaries. I'm all in for achieving greatness. To test your limits and push your abilities to the edge of edges. I know I have achieved great things. And I know you have too. And I wish for you to aim to to be the best possible you that you can be. And to do the world-changing, thought-rocking and mind-blowing awesomeness that only you can do.

But I know how easy it is (- learning the hard way -) to loose yourself in the process . Even when we go ahead with the very purest best of intentions. All we want is to be extraordinary. To make good lives for ourselves. We want to fulfil our dreams, because not only achiving - but working towards - our dreams makes us happy. Not in the future, no, here and now.

But dreams are by default always something of the future. And you, my dearest, are living your precious life this very second.

So please - don't make the same mistake I have made times and times again. Don't lose yourself in achieving that dream. Take some time off. You won't loose everything. You are not blowing your chances. Not at all - you are taking care of the very foundation for your dream to come true; you.

So if posts here are coming a little far between these days, know that I am just taking a much-needed deep rest from the pressure of making dreams come true. If your motivation falters a little, or if your strenght is fading, I encourage you to do the same.

Lets work on that dream a little differently. Let's look at it as time to gather strenght and resources to come back stronger than ever.

You and me. And all those millions and millions of dreams.