The Freedom Experiment

The Freedom Experiment

Everything is possible

Let' call it magic - how to add a little spark

Sometimes. Just a few words. Are enough.

Sometimes. Just a glance. Just a nod. Just a faint smile.

Sometimes. All you need is a tiny glimmer, a flicker of hope. And a little spark.

It's in the small stuff, darling.

Can you spare five minutes today? Or maybe just one?

Send a text to someone you love and tell them so

Make a 5 min outline of how you will add magic to your day today

Write a tweet that will motivate your friends to keep on doing their awesome

Spend 5 minutes making the best cup of tea that you have ever made

Read just one poem

Take a picture to savour this moment.

Spend five minutes giving yourself a sparkly manicure

Take just one really deep breath - relax

Write one sentence that might become a novel one day

Give someone a hug

Smile to a stranger

Smile at yourself in the bathroom mirror

Light a candle

Listen to your favourite song

Think about something you are looking forward to

Write a list of 10 things you are grateful for

Connect with someone you admire and give of yourself

Stretch your body

Write a short note of forgiveness, to yourself or somebody else. Send it or not.

Spend a moment to listen to yourself - what do you need right now?


What are your small practices that add magic to your life?