The Freedom Experiment

The Freedom Experiment

Everything is possible

This I know. Learn(ed) from others. From (painful) experience. You choose.

1. When people tell you you are taking on too much, they are probably right.
2. If you have a tiny voice inside telling you what to do, it's a good idea to listen to it
3. Trying to send a message through actions and hints usually doesn't work. Speak up.
4. Black tea tastes better if you take out the teabag after approximately 1 minute. Oh, and always buy loose weight tea.
5. It's possible to re-frame a setback from a step backwards to a step to the side.
6. Everything passes with time. Bad feelings. Hurt. Loss. So do good times, so enjoy it when you can.
7. If you believe you have a purpose on earth, but don't know what it is - trust that you don't always have to know. Trust that you are fulfilling your purpose every day.
8. People who have been through challenges and struggles are often easier to talk to when you're struggling yourself.
9. The best novels aren't always the ones with the prettiest book covers. (that goes for people too).
10. When facing difficult emotions, it may help to shift your focus, but what helps most is to know and realize that strong emotions will fade if you give them time rather than act on them.
11. When writing, it's always better to use as few words as possible.
12. If you like to read, you'll probably like poetry too. Start with Rumi. And Rilke.
13. Building trust is a gradual process. It works to open up little by little, slowly. See how the other person reacts and adjust acoordingly.
14. There is always more than one way to reach a goal.
15. When making decisions, choosing jewellry, brainstorming essay topics, it's usually a good idea to go for the option you picked first.
16. If you can stay off sugar for one week, the desire for sweets will pass, and you've broken the cycle.
17. Try to always ask for help before it's too late and you're already overworked/making mistakes/in crisis.
18. When in doubt about what to wear, go for black.
19. It is possible to be secure in your insecurity. Powerful with your vulnerability.
20. When you're really worried, realize that fear plays with your ability to think rationally. Don't take action before the feeling passes (see #10). That is, unless you're chased by hungry lions. Or lawyers.
21. When going on long bus rides in cold countries, it's smart to bring a blanket in you hand luggage. This goes for air-conditioned hot countries too.
22. Nail polish dries quicker if you hold your nails under running cold water.
23. Every task is easier if you split it into small timeframes. 10 minututes of cleaning. 15 minutes of studying. 5 minutes of writing a novel. As long as you do it regularly.
24. Foreign music (like french!) is better for studying, as it won't make you pay attention to the lyrics.
25. The best way to save money is to always delay a purchase. Want a new item of clothing while browsing in the store? Delay your purchase for 7 days. Chances are, you're all over something else 7 days later. Keep delaying, and you'll realize you're just wanting for the sake of wanting, and that you're fine with what you already have.


What is your wisdom? What do you know for sure? Care to spare me and others from making the same mistake you did?

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