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The Freedom Experiment

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The Power of Perfection and Why You're not Living, Laughing, Letting go


Perfect is the reason why nothing is created.

Perfection, or rather perfectionism, is the reason why I haven't written anything the last couple of days. Not even that, a powerful desire to be perfect is the reason. I don't consider myself a perfectionist - nothing I ever do is perfect.

Here are a list of things I didn't do the last couple of days

  • I didn't start writing that ebook I want to write. And so, it will probably never get written
  • I didn't change the layout, content and look of the sidebar on the blog
  • I didn't write any guest posts and send them to other bloggers
  • I didn't do anything crafty and creative with my colourful art supplies
  • I didn't put up those inspiration boards over my desk
  • I didn't wear that new cardigan I bought last week
  • I didn't write any poetry or fiction
  • I didn't take any photographs
  • (I didn't take care of myself)

All because I have this fear. I fear that if it isn't perfect, it isn't worth doing.

(The sad thing is that that translates to my own view on myself. If I'm not perfect, I'm not worth being.)

Perfection is why projects are never born, books are never written and people are never happy. Perfection is why safe is the new sorry.

So please, please, bear with me. My posts aren't perfect. My writing has grammatical errors and I sometimes forget to drink my tea. I'm so so so bad at keeping a regular schedule, at living from the heart, and I'm just terrible at showing up.

I'm going to try to be just a little less perfect, and a little more me. Which means there will be high ambitions, perfectionistic even. And I'm probably not going to finish what I start.

But I'm pretty good at inspiring people. Helping people. Light a little spark.

So please, please, let down your perfectionistic guard with me.

If you're studying for your exams right now, please take a few hours off and let that desire to write a perfect A rest a little.

If you're working right now, please cut the edges, forget to spell-check and trust that your clients or bosses love you for being you.

If you're an artist right now, please forget the why's and the how's and just create from the heart like you used to do.

If you're a writer right now, please forget about comma rules and how to engage your readers and just pour the words onto the page.

If you're relating to other people right now, please say no, disagree,  forget to do all the right things and just laugh, smile, love.

If you're a human being, please forget about diets and make-up, hair-removal and white teeth and let yourself flow with your breath into the ocean that is your heart.


It doesn't have to be perfect. Good even.

Make it true. Make it transparent. Make it heartfelt. Soulful. You.