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Have yourself a whimsical little Christmas

I'm writing this post by the fireplace. I'm wearing white wool over-knees and I'm drinking Chai tea with milk. ...aaand I have candles lit and I'm burning Christmas incense. I know, it might sound a little cliché on paper. I am, after all, listening to Sufjan Stevens' Christmas album. It's so cozy it's to die for! But I live by the mantra of "magic is something you make", and you know what!? It just started SNOWING for the first time this year!!


Watch movies

Watch some of the classical films like Bambi or Love, Actually. Curl up on the sofa with wool blankets and hot chocolate. Make it a day! My personal favourites are The Holiday and The Grinch. Why don't your share your favourite christmas movie in the comments?


Dress up in glitter

Winter is the perfect time for some sparkly sequins and glitter nailpolish! Sparkle up your day with the perfect nailpolish from Deborah Lippman or OPI. If you're in a bold mood, dress up in a sequin dress, or wear a sequin blazer over your dress. Glitter isn't limited to your outfit, why don't you add a little glam to your home with garlands or some sparkly christmas decorations? Oh, and don't forget confetti for your party!  



This one is a little self-explanatory. Christmas season is the time for baking! Make a classical gingerbread house, or try the cake batter fudge above. Gingerbread dough is my personal favourite, and I bet you already have your own bake traditions for Christmas. In case you don't, remember that anything containing spices and/or chocolate will do!  


Drink hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is the perfect winter drink. Or, you could go for eggnog if you prefer. Or Gløgg, if you're Norwegian like me. Aaaanyways, something sweet, warm and comforting - you know what I mean. Preferably combine it with fire in the fireplace and Sufjan Stevens on the radio.  


Go ice skating

Ice skating is something I fondly remember from my childhood. Oh, how I wanted to fly over the ice like a princess in a while tulle skirt! Personally, I was more like Bambi on the ice, but I wouldn't let that stop me! In December, I suggest a trip to your local ice skating place. Make it a date, to have the most romantic night ever!  


Make paper snowflakes

Cut out paper snowflakes and hang them in your window. Use different types of paper to make them interesting. I recommend using pages from old books! If you really want to make some really impressing ones, but you're not the creative type? Try searching for some printout patterns on google.  


Listen to some whimsical Christmas music

Sufjan Stevens is a classic, but don't forget albums like The Hotel Café Presents Winter Songs, or Coldplay's hit from last year above. She & Him has a Christmas album out this year too! And you always have the old classics... Mix the old get-in-the-mood classics with some new indie songs and some modern versions by your favourite artists.  


Write and send postcards

Buy some beautiful cards, or make your own! Send them around to everyone you've connected with the last year. It's the perfect way to thank everyone who have helped you this year, tell people you love them, and to spread the wish of a peaceful holiday. Write long, handwritten letters to those dearest of you who lives the furthest away. Or write just a short, little note of thanks. Send your cards by regular old mail in good time before Christmas.    

Take a winter walk

Enjoy the winter wonderland and make the most of what makes winter unique. I'm talking about the crisp air, the cosy indoors and the blue and white light! If you're like mee, snow is best enjoyed from a safe distance inside, but if not, then I recommend a ski trip or a day or two in the slopes!    

Go stargazing

Stars are best enjoyed on a clear and crisp winter night in the woods. Bring a few logs to make a fire and some hot chocolate to enjoy together with a friend. Watch clearly, maybe you'll see a shooting star?    

Make a wish

This one is obvious. Wish for beautiful christmas presents, a peaceful holiday, wish for dreams come true or world peace. Write a little note with your wishes for the new year and save it for next year's December. Just don't forget to put in the work to make your wishes come true.    

 Spend time with the people that matter

Holidays are family times, the season to party with friends and snuggle with your dearest. This is a little reminder to don't get too caught up in preparations and stressful shopping. Also, don't forget to take good care of yourself. I recommend scheduling a little me-time and spend some time alone. Reflect on your gratitude, have a little inspiration-boosting blog-reading session or make your own little home spa in your bathroom.   Hope you have a whimsical Christmas!  



Ps. what are your most whimsical and cozy Christmas traditions?