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8 of the best non-fiction books

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Women, Food and God - Geneen Roth

If you've ever struggled with food (like me), this book is for you. I read it in one day (!) and I learnt A LOT about how I used food to regulate my emotions. Even if you've never struggled yourself, I truly recommend this book if you would like to gain a wider understanding of food issues and emotional eating. I think it would be perfect to read this book together with a good friend - and then discuss (and open up).

The Creative Habit - Twyla Tharp

A must-read for all creative spirits out there. This book is both truly inspirational (as in you just want to go out there an CREATE when you read it) and educational. I learned a lot about my own creative process (the book has assignments and workbook pages) and I picked up a lot of great tips.

Crazy, Sexy Diet - Kris Carr

Not really a diet in the normal sense of the word - Crazy, Sexy is a way of life! This book is one of the best books I'v read in all my life (and that says a lot!) and it is definitely the best (and only) nutrition book you'll ever need. I need to warn you, though, this book will change how you think about food. It will also change how you look and feel + it is written in a really sassy, funny and understandable language. All girls (and boys too) should read this in school!

The 4-hour Workweek - Tim Ferriss

This book. If you haven't read this book already, it's about time. This is another one of those books that will leave you changed, that's for sure. I read this on the the Tokyo Metro and had to laugh out loud several times. It's wonderfully written, full of inspiration and if you don't close this book with several life-changing ideas - something is wrong with you. ;)

 The Spark Kit - Danielle LaPorte

If you're only buying one book on this list - make it this one. The book is every entrepreneurs dream, and it's the only guide you'll need if you have a small business - or dream of having one. Even if that's not where you are right now - most of the principles in this book can be used on other areas of life too! This interactive book comes with a workbook, videos + lots of links. Seriously, I'm lost for words on how good this book really is. It's a little pricey, but I promise you it's worth every single dollar. And if you cannot afford the whole deal - at least make sure you pick up the best chapter: TRUE STRENGTHS + THE METRICS OF EASE (it's only $20 - a total bargain!)

Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live - Martha Beck

I love how this book covers everything from emotional health to change cycles. The chapter on synchronicity is a must-read! Really, if you're stuck, making changes, following your dream or want to learn more about yourself, this book is for you!

Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha - Tara Brach

This book is a great read if you want to learn more about self-love, acceptance and living life in peace with yourself. This is another book I think I finished in one day, and I even had to read with a pencil underlining everything I needed to remember. If you're only reading one book on self-love: make it this one!

The Artist's Way - Julia Cameron

This one's for all the artists, creatives and writers (everyone, really) who have ever been stuck, lacked inspiration or who've just wanted to develop ourselves. Ever heard of "morning pages? The concept of writing a few pages first thing in the morning - it's from this book! Written as a 12-week program, this book will help you create and craft. This is one of the books I read again and again.


What are your favourite non-fiction books?