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The Freedom Experiment

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5 ways to use impulsivity as (jet) fuel for your dream

This is a guest post I wrote for Jana Schubert back in November - totally forgot to share it here too! I just have to mention that I really love her new site - Love Work Now. If you ever find yourself in the need of a career coach - I know from experience that Jana is your girl!

Have you ever done anything truly impulsive? Something big, like ordered plane tickets, quit your job or decided to move countries?

I’m willing to bet you probably haven’t.

I’m here to tell you it's the most incredibly liberating, exciting and totally crazy thing to do ever. (surprise!) And for me, it’s my most fail-proof approach at making dreams come true.

Now, don’t go and do something stupid. Let me tell you the whole story first.

I’m a very responsible person. I honor my commitments, I pay my bills and my credit cards, I show up for work and I (usually) don’t call in sick. In most cases, think through every choice, every change, every decision very closely. I weigh the pro’s and con’s. Ask for advice. This is all very good when you’re making regular decisions in your daily life.

When it comes to following dreams, however, this is absolutely not the way you want to go. Because you already know what you want to do. You already know where your heart is. You may think you, don’t but you do. If your mind is telling you otherwise, it’s probably out of fear.

Let’s say you want to move abroad. There may be a thousand reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Now isn’t the best time, you don’t have the money, you don’t know anyone there, you probably won’t get a job... And still you want to do it, which means that underneath all the fear you have a dream. You can think this through for years, keep asking other people for advice, keep dreaming. But this approach probably won’t get you anywhere.

Just doing it will.

Most of the dreams I’ve fulfilled are the results of moments of temporary insanity. Like when I ordered tickets for a 9 week long backpacking trip and maxed out my credit card in the process. 6 months later, I was drinking fresh coconut milk on a beach in Malaysia. Because when you take the first step, the rest will always work itself out.

When I moved to London and took a gap year from my law studies to study photography, I made the decision in May. Sent in the application on a whim, got accepted, and moved within 4 months of the initial, impulsive decision. It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do. And If I had thought it through, I might have stayed at home. And yet, here I am now, so so so happy I lived my dream and studied abroad for a year!

5 ways to implement more impulsivity and temporary, empowering craziness into your life:

• If you have a dream you want to follow, ignore all the good reasons, all the advice, all the questioning, and just take the first step. Start with identifying the first step and then just take it.

Take safe, baby steps in the beginning. Take a few steps while still keeping your options open. For example, when I sent the application for photography in London, I didn’t commit to any changes right away.

Practice by being more impulsive in your daily life: feel like drinking champagne for breakfast? Do it. Feel like eating out on a decadent restaurant? Do it. Feel like taking a day off? Do it!

Apply the impulsive approach to all creative work. Whenever you get an idea - jump on it right away and finish it as soon as you can. Otherwise, most great ideas tend to end up in the «I’ll do it someday»-folder, and you’ll give yourself too much time to reject the idea.

• If you’re not ready to commit fully to living your dream, consider to do it as an experiment, and do it now! For example, can you take 1-6 months of unpaid leave from work and experiment with being an entrepreneur? Can you take a semester off your studies to work in your dream job? Can you experiment with being location-independent by bringing your work when you’re going on holiday? The key point is to make it into something you can set in motion sooner rather than later.

What is the most impulsive dream you have put into action?