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The Freedom Experiment

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Human being inside: Handle with care


Imagine moving houses.

Imagine an endless row of grey cardboard boxes. You don't know what's inside them, but some of them are marked with a sticker saying "handle with care". What do you do?

I mean, you don't know what's inside and you are instructed to be careful. So you are – right?

Now, imagine moving grey cardboard boxes. You are told that some of them contain very fragile and valuable glass. You don't know which ones are fragile and which ones are not. What do you do?

I mean, you risk breaking something very valuable and you are told to be careful.

You would be very cautious, wouldn't you?

Human beings don't come with labels. We don't have "handle with care" written all over us.

Some peope try to make it really clear, by starving, self-harming or holding up other very visible signs. Others don't.

And although all human beings are valuable – not everyone is fragile.

Maybe you are lucky enough to be the solid and sturdy type. Maybe you don't break and fall to pieces all that easily.

But please don't forget that some people do.

Some people are very, very vulnerable. Like beautiful old china. Or sheer, sparkling crystal.

And the thing is, there is usually no way of telling if the human being in front of you is fragile or not.

Isn't it better to be safe than sorry?

There's a human being inside. Handle with care.