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The Freedom Experiment

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Scenes of a Life: When Nothing is Certain, Everything is Possible


So much has happened over the last two months, that even I am finding myself a little lost for words right now. How do you even try to explain, when your whole life has been turned upside down and you don't even feel like you're the same person left standing when the dust is settling?

Two months ago, my boyfriend and partner for the last 7 years broke up with me. We had just returned home after three months of traveling, and suddenly all of my plans had to change. And it felt like my whole world was crashing down on me.

And to a certain extent, it was.

Here's a funny synchronicity for you:

My focus during my time in New York was to write an e–book I've been visioning for quite some time – a book about living a good life even when life is throwing you lemons and storms. Little did I know that I was about to receive the chance of testing my own advice so soon!

For the time being I am simultaneously working on finishing the e-book (now with extra and newly acquired wisdom!) and re-building my life. And all I can say is that you can expect some juicy new posts soon, because I have learned so much over the last couple of months that I can hardly contain it!

First things first, however, and since I need some time to let the wisdom mature and grow, I thought I'd give you a little peek behind the scenes in the meantime.


Home, Sweet Home

After living in hospital, a temporary space for three months, then three months of traveling – I'm finding myself increasingly drawn to the idea of having a home. At the moment, I'm living in another temporary space – a tiny 11 square meter hole in the wall. But at least it's my hole in the wall.

Over the last month, I've put my heart and soul into decorating and creating a visually stimulating place to be. Can you tell that I'm the one living here?

Yesterday, I received this beautiful notebook in the mail, as a part of a traveling journal project I'm doing together with Christina and Barbara.

I have a slight obsession with succulents at the moment. Isn't this a beauty?

My life has been unstable, unpredictable and uncertain lately, so I put up this handy, huge reminder on my wall with MT tape.

Some of my treasured possessions + another one of my succulents.


What I'm Reading

I'm a chaotic reader, so I tend to start reading more books than I finish. However, here are some of the books I'm reading right now that I'm definitely going to read all the way through:

Bright Shiny Morning – James Frey • If on a Winter's Night a Traveler – Italo Calvino • The Highly Sensitive Person – Elaine N. Aron • Sabbath – Wayne Muller


Book Writing


To write a book, you technically just need a pen and some paper.

Well, that is a truth with a slight modification. I'd like to add that you need Your Big Beautiful Book Plan by Danielle LaPorte and Linda Sivertsen.

Without this guide, my e-book wouldn't be more than a series of random points and chapters. Your Big Beautiful Book Plan has been exactly what I need in the book-writing process – a guide, a companion and an inspiration. I bought it for myself as a birthday present last year, and it's a gift that keeps on giving. If you are writing a book, give yourself this favor!

In addition, Feeling Good when Life is Hard would never have been written if it wasn't for my dear friend Tracy Matthews. If you need a business coach – you need Tracy. Period.


And here is a preview of the book! Feeling Good when Life is Hard is a resource written from the heart – featuring 6 chapters on everything from maximising happiness to coping with emotions, taking care of yourself, opening up and daring to dream. Each chapter contains one or two very personal stories to illustrate how I have used the advice to lift myself up and carry on forward.

If you are on my newsletter list, you have already had the option of pre-ordering at a reduced rate. If you are not on my list, I will give you another chance of pre-ordering so make sure you sign up now!


Life Coaching

In the midst of my life changing, I have also made a big personal step – I have enrolled in Martha Beck's Life Coach Training Program (MBI). When I enrolled in June, I had no idea that I would have the best learning opportunity (learning by doing, baby!) come my way just like that! It's only been three weeks of training, but I have already been applying several of the tools to my own situation with great results.

In case you are unfamiliar with Martha's work, I definitely recommend that you read Finding Your Own North Star. This is one of the books that have changed my life. And I don't say that lightly about a book!

If you find yourself drawn to Martha Beck and her work, I strongly recommend that you sign up for this (free) tele-jam and then consider joining Find Your Calling – a coaching program with 4 sessions. Be quick! It starts October 24th! Seriously, you don't want to miss this unique opportunity to work with Martha and either way – the free tele-jam is a real treat too!

Back to life coaching, in one way or another, I have been coaching for years. Officially being a life coach in training only gives me that extra push I need to get started more professionally. And not matter how silly it sounds, even life coaches (and brain surgeons and rocket scientists) need to practice (ha!) and I will soon announce a good offer if you are interested in being my test client! Stay tuned!

Everything Else

Listening to Glen Hansard on repeat • Wearing vintage wool sweaters • Drooling over a chair from Eames • Planning to visit LA and Thailand • Hitting the top 50 blog list in Norway (out of more than 37,000 blogs participating!) • Knitting a baby blanket for my niece/nephew to-be (in May!) • Lighting Voluspa candles • Drinking chocolate chai with oat milk • Establishing a new morning ritual with coffee and journaling (and yoga!) • Spending hours upon hours browsing Pinterest • DIY projects • Focusing on enjoying life!


What have you been up to?