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A Beautiful Ripple Effect: How to Save a Life


I have a growing suspicion that the people who made my life a special kind of lonely hell when I grew up had - and still have – no idea they did.

Such is the power of the negative ripple – a slight tremor has the power to set off a devastating tsunami.

Tiny remarks, motiveless actions and mindless interaction (or lack of so) on one end becomes painful stories and traumas on the other end.

Like that time when a group of girls rejected and excluded me, sharply and infinite, meanly and hurtfully – in 5th grade.

Or that time when I felt truly and completely invisible – bawling my eyes out on the London Tube.

Not to mention the small remarks from angry and frustrated customers – when all I did was to do the job to the best of my ability.

There are so many stories. So many seemingly small things that grow into huge black spots on our psyche. I bet you have many stories too. We carry them with us, willingly or not, and they become their own sort of burdens. The weight of the continous tiny drops of water become heavy after a while. And sometimes the dam bursts, but let's not go there. Not today.

We're all familiar with the ripple effect of negativity in our lives.

The good thing about this effect though, is that it can be reversed. It works the other way around too. While being at the shoreline end of the negative ripple effect can be devastating, being at the receiving end of a positive ripple can be really empowering. We all know how a compliment or a small act of generosity have the power to transform our whole day!

So think about how you can help spread positive waves today.

You'll never know when your smile, your generosity or your life can change a person's life for the better – maybe even save a life.

So, without dwelling too much on the negative things that we cannot control – let's focus on our actions. Go out in the world and do good. Spread love.

You can make a difference.

You matter.



14 small daily actions that make for beautiful ripple effects



Your smile today can be the only smile the person sitting next to you see the whole day.


Your compassionate listening can be the first time the lonely girl has ever felt understood.


Your wisdom can be the insight the other person has been waiting for all of their lives.


Your compliment can be the drop that makes the beautiful girl see her own beauty for the first time.


Your equal attention on all persons involved can make that invisible person feel human again.


Your trust in a person can be the very thing that makes the difference between them rising to the occasion or falling to pieces.

Be generous

Your generosity today can be the spark that gives a person back their faith in humanity.

Be thankful

Your grateful thankfulness today can be the very thing that makes a person feel valuable and meaningful.

Be polite

You holding up the door can be the first time the person behind you see that not all doors are closed.

Be the change

You being positive today can save the planet, end wars and make the world a better place tomorrow.

Act accepting

Your acceptance of another person's emotions today can be the first time they truly feel validated.


Your encouragement and inspiration can help a person transform from feeling like a failure to finally experiencing success.

Be helpful

Your helpful attitude can be the very thing that makes a person feel witnessed and that they matter.

Give hope

You holding hope for another person can be the very thing that saves their life.


Do you have a ripple effect story?