The Freedom Experiment

The Freedom Experiment

Everything is possible

It's by standing still that we can catch our breath



"I do believe that not everything is gonna be the way you think it ought to be"

I shall believe by Sheryl Crow *


Gorgeous soul,

I believe in you.

I think you can do this. I know you can do this.

Right now, it might feel like you are going more backwards than forwards. Right now, it might feel like you are standing still – that you will be standing still forever. It sucks, I know.

But it's by going back a step that we can see clearly where we are headed.

And it's by standing still that we can catch our breath.

You will get there. Just at the right time.

I know it feels like you should be further along your path by now. I know you feel like you should be feeling better already. I know you feel like at your age, or after all this effort or after spending all this money – that you should have achieved more, been rewarded more, made more progress. I know it feels like you're not enough. Like there must be something about you that makes you unworthy, undeserving, a failure.

And – oh darling – that is untrue.

You are moving at just the right pace for you right now. Everything is unfolding just the way it is meant to be. And this step backwards, this stuckness, this standing still is happening for a very good reason.

Maybe it's time for you to start believing that you are infinitely more awesome than your achievements will ever be. You are you – not what you do.

Maybe this challenge is here for the very good reason that it's time for you to start believing. In your self, your magnificence and your light.

I know it's a big step to take.

But it's time to stop pushing forward and start embracing what is.

Give yourself a hug. Smile at your reflection in the mirror. And celebrate being you – right this very moment at right this very time.

You are.

And I can tell you with honesty that I will not give up on you.

I believe in you.

And you shall believe.



* This song was inspired by I shall believe by Sheryl Crow. Listen on Spotify or YouTube.

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