The Freedom Experiment

The Freedom Experiment

Everything is possible

The Art of Reframing Difficult Emotions


Emptiness means that you are a sanctuary for everything that is holy.

Anxiousness is the most divine form of self-care.

Anger is all of mother natures volcanoes erupting in your heart.

Loneliness means you are surrounded by invisible angels.

Depression is the winter of the soul.

Sadness is being washed clean by all the rivers of the earth at once.

Fear is a cosmic explosion of self-love.

Grief is nothing but love, eternal love.

Ambivalence is being pulled in opposite directions by children holding your hands.

Disconnection is an eclipse of the soul and the movement of the planets in you.

Shame is a wildfire burning within.

Tiredness is the mother nature in you making time for a rainy day.

Pain is the compass in your heart telling you you've lost track of where you are headed.

Nervousness means your belly is filled with glowing fireflies.

Overwhelm means you are juggling with flickering stars.

Vulnerability means your skin is temporarily made out thin, thin porcelain.

Restlessness is your soul gently urging you to dance.

Melancholy is the purest form of beauty.

Numbness is all the cells in your body pulsing with life.

Longing is the magnetic force of your heart touching the magnetic sphere of your soul mate.