The Freedom Experiment

The Freedom Experiment

Everything is possible

You won't See it until you Believe it


We all dream of different things.

Business success. Your dream career. Having more friends. Seeing your children grow up. Healing your eating disorder. Seeing the world. The house, the car, the kids, the dog. The love.

Happiness – in whatever form.

It doesn't matter what your dream is, really.

You might feel all alone in your yearning. But as dreamers, we have more in common than what can be seen with the first glance. You might want something completely different from what your friends wants, what your family wants, what your society wants.

But we are really all connected. As a person with a dream, you are never alone.

We all share the same story, the same struggle, the same hope.

And most importantly, we share a common obstacle, a common challenge.

Because there is ONE ingredient that is absolutely key to make it happen, no matter what you are trying to achieve. It's the ONE thing that you cannot do without. There is ONE thing that can make or break ANY dream, hope, passion and goal.


You've got to believe.


Believe in yourself. Believe in your ability to make it happen. Believe in the universal love. Believe that you are worthy. Believe that it is possible.

Because it is! And you are!

You are worthy of love, success, happiness and true joy. In fact, you are not just worthy – you ARE love, success, happiness and true joy. Anything else is untrue.

It's not always easy. I get that.

It all feels impossible until it is done.

But just know that this fear you are feeling – this doubt and insecurity – is your ego's way of playing with your mind. This – does it ever get better? Maybe I am not meant to be happy. Life is unfair. I am never gonna get satisfied. No one is ever going to love me. Everybody else deserves the best, but me – this is a lot of bullshit. (Excuse the language.)

It does get better.

You are not moving backwards, you are moving forwards. Moving backwards is physically im-fuckin'-possible within time/space limitations.

You are a child of the universe.

Do you really think that God/Life/the Universe/Spirit/whateveryouwannacallit created all people as wonderful, worthy souls – but you? Do you really think you are the holy exception to life's possibilities?

Think again.

Because you won't see magic unless you believe in it. You won't experience miracles unless you are open to the fact that they exist. And you won't make your dreams come true unless you believe it is possible.

I'm sorry if I am being a little more frank than usual here. But sometimes you need a little tough love.

I know it is hard to start believing if you don' t already do it.

But here's the sweet deal: You only have to be willing to believe. The universe will take care of the rest.

So open up. Crack your heart wide open. Pray. Meditate. Smile. Breathe.

And believe.