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The Freedom Experiment

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What kind of Angel do you want to be?


Source: viaPeter on Pinterest


I saw an angel today.

In fact, I saw hundreds.

Watching the world from the inside of a tram, I saw Confident Angel – striding down the street like she owned it. I also saw Insecure Angel – looking more to the sacred ground below her feet than at where she was going. Down the street was an Old and Lonely Angel carrying her shopping bags, barely capable of putting one step in front of the other. My heart skipped a beat when I saw Mr Handsome Angel, but he was disappointingly holding the hand of Proud Angel who walked by his side.

The streets were full of angels.

Some were visible, present and strong. Others were barely discernible.

Skinny Angel, Young Angel, Baby Angel.

There were angels in all shapes and forms.

Tall Angel, Overweight Angel, Beautiful Angel, Ginger Angel, Cool Angel.

Watching this scene made me tear up, because I experienced then, something I have always known within me.


We are all angels.


You. Me. Everyone.

We are angels. Souls in a human body. Spiritual be-ings.

Does it really matter so much, then, which form we have? Does it really matter if you wake up one day as Pretty Angel – and the the next as Bad Hair Day Angel?

You are still an Angel.


Lonely Angel, Depressed Angel, Anxious Angel.

Entrepreneurial Angel, Unemployed Angel, College Angel.

Happy Angel, Joyful Angel, Smiling Angel.

Burdened Angel, Sad Angel, Today-I-Feel Invisible Angel.


You are holy.


What kind of angel are you?

But more importantly – what kind of angel do you want to be? And what is your mission?

Guardian Angel? Life-saving Angel? An Angel of Truth and Mercy?

No matter what kind of angel you are;


go out in this world and do good.

Create miracles. Make magic. Heal the world.

Go out in this world and do good,

Angel of mine.