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The Freedom Experiment

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How to Catch a Star



I know this game we're all playing – making dreams come true – feels a lot like catching stars.


It's like we're running around in this big field, stretching for the sky, desperately trying to reach. We think that if we could just extend a little bit more and reach a little bit higher, we will make it. But no matter how much we try, of course, we won't.

And we feel sad.

But then we try again. We wait for that bright, cold, crisp night – and we try again. A little more half-hearted this time. But to no avail.

The distance is just to far.

And this is where most dreamers give up. When the distance between the future you want and the life you are living now is so large that it seems incomprehensible that you would ever make it.

Like the distance between the earth and the stars, which is 1/0.75 = 1.33 parsecs.

Because making your dream come true will take years, at best.


And I know it's tough. I know you want to give up. I know you feel lost, overwhelmed, scared and oh so far away from home.

But please don't stop here. Keep going. Because what I will tell you next might change your whole game.

What if I told you that your problem isn't the distance between now and the future, but the way you are thinking about the future in the first place?

You think it's so far away.


But let me tell you something. What you dream about – whether it is health, wealth, love or adventure – doesn't have to be some distant vague thing you might achieve some day if you are really fortunate.

Born under a lucky star.

Making your dreams come true can and will happen a lot faster than you think.


You just have to think right.


Stop pushing your dream away and say to yourself that making it happen is going to be hard.

Open yourself up to the fact that it might actually be easy. Open yourself up to possibility. To wonder. To exploration.

Start with thinking it's possible.

Continue with the willingness to accept that it might not happen when you want it, and it might not happen the way you want it to be.

But if you learn to think different – I promise you that dreams come true.

Dreaming, after all, is a lot more practical than catching stars.

... Wait, did you see that star falling?

Make a wish.





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