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The Freedom Experiment

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Are you Tired of Life? Encouragement for the Overworked, Stressed and Exhausted




This is for the tired ones.

This is for the overworked, the chronically stressed, the busy ones.

This is for you who feel wired up – all the time.

This is for you who feel tired of life. Or more specifically; your life style.

You who feel like you have to keep on going (going, going, going) in order not to crash.

You who feel like your life is running faster than you can run along.

You who feel like you can't keep up anymore.

This is for you who keep going, even though what you really need is to curl up under soft covers and not do anything for a week. To do nothing but read, watch movies and cuddle with your loved ones. To sleep until you wake up, naturally and rested. To have breakfast in bed, and then fall back to sleep. To do nothing, but be.

This is for you who dream of a beach vacation, but find yourself spending the majority of your time in traffic. Or behind a desk. Or in gloomy weather. This is for you who long to nap in the shade. This is for you who dream of building sand castles with your kids, or playing volleyball with your friends. This is for you who long to read chick lit and glossy magazines. This is for you who – when you close your eyes – wish you could hear ocean waves, but now you only hear ringing telephones and someone hammering on their keyboard. This is for you who long for a break from your life. For time to breathe.

This is for you who have important deadline coming up, but feel way past your maximum achievement level already. Who don't have a choice but to keep on going. This is for you who get so stressed that you forget why you are doing this in the first place. Who feel that the why's gets lost in the what's and the how's. Who feel like what you are doing is pointless, but yet you keep on going. This is for you who long for time off. Who long for that day when you are done. Who don't just deal with too much to do, but also I am not doing it well enough. This is for you who long for a life where your worth isn't measured in how well you achieve. This is for you. Who want to feel good enough just because you are alive. Human. You.

This is for you who long to take care of yourself better, but just don't have enough time. You who need coffee just to get through the day. You who need to treat yourself to a cupcake – just to bring that dreaded task up to a manageable level. You who wish you could go for long walks in the woods – instead of your efficient work-out on the treadmill. You who long for deeper connections, without having to say "nice to run into you, we need to catch up sometime". You who long for something more. Something real.

This is for the tired, the exhausted, the stressed, the overworked, the fatigued, the overwhelmed, the achievers.

This is for the dreamers, the be-ings, the long-ers, the yearners, the wishers.


It doesn't have to be like this.

You are not alone. It is okay to slow down. It is okay to be self-ish.


You only have one life. And you can live it the way that you want to. You can change jobs. Take unpaid vacation. Say no to things that don't serve you. Call in sick. Ask for help.

Something is clearly not working, my darling.

You need to do something.

Before it's too late. Before you get tired of life.

It takes courage. It takes no thank you's. It takes determination. It takes a little planning. It takes change.

But you can do it.

(If you want it.)

There's hope.

And there are many of us.

Together we can break free from our stressful lives.

Together we can create a meaningful alternative.

Together we can change our worlds.

Dear tired friend, are you in?

Come on, let's play on that beach.