The Freedom Experiment

The Freedom Experiment

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The Wisdom of Warrior Woman



Deep, deep within you there's a wise woman.

She has been around since the beginning of time and she has witnessed the tides of life and death, the endless ebb and flow that surges and flows in rhythm with the moon, the stars, the seasons.

Deep, deep within you there's a strong woman.

She painted her face and gathered her weapons when the drums of war were echoing in the night. She went hunting to feed her starving children and she used her body as a shield when the winter cold crept in and sucked the life out of the newborn in a split second.

Deep, deep within you is a vulnerable woman.

She cared for the wounded and the sick with endless compassion. She went to the woods and gathered plants and herbs to ease the inevitable pain of life. She waited patiently for the men who went off to war or to the sea. She cried when summer turned into fall turned into winter, when it became clear that the husbands and fathers were not coming back.

Deep within you, there's a woman than is wise far beyond your years. There's a woman who always knows what to do. There's a woman who knows what you are here for, this time around.

Chances are, you have met her on a dark and stormy night of the soul. Chances are you have heard her say "it's okay". Chances are you have called upon her, desperately needing answers to life's great mysteries. Chances are.

When you are crying and everything seems hopeless, she is the one that will say "fight, goddamnit, fight!"

When you are hurting so much it feels impossible to take another breath, she is the one who will hold you in her strong arms until you sleep like a baby.

When you have messed up, real bad, she is the one who will tell where to start cleaning up.

When faced with impossible choices, Warrior Woman will know which way to turn. When you are exhausted, Warrior Woman will nourish you. And when you are sick, Warrior Woman will make the chicken soup.

When you follow your dreams, she is with you every step of the way. And when you watch the sun rise over the horizon in the place that you call home, she is sitting next to you, in awe.

When one day you become a mother, she will be in the room to massage your back. And when you greet the day in the meditative pouring of a cup of tea, she is pouring the water and counting your blessings.

You may feel abandoned and alone, but Warrior Woman will never leave you. She will always be there, in the stillness of your mind. She will always be ready for you when you call. Warrior woman will fight for you, and care for you. She will protect you, in a deeply tender way. She will laugh when you laugh. And cry when you cry. But she will never be frightened and she will never turn back.

Warrior woman speaks the universal truth.

She says "it is not your fault". And you know she is right.

She says "you are not alone" and in that instant you feel her comforting presence.

She says "you are here to be a healer" and you cry because this is what you have know, all along.

This morning, I can feel her sitting next to me in Starbucks. She whispers over my shoulder, speaks through me as I write. I can feel her presence in the steam rising up from the mug on my table. She is in the candles flickering in the constant wind from the door being opened, closed and opened again. She is in the smell of coffee, that constant heartwarming and deeply relaxing aroma reminding me of endless Sunday afternoons at my grandma's house.

Deep, within me there's a wise woman.

Right now, she placed her arm around my shoulder as I sigh heavily with the thought of the work that needs to be done and the pain that needs to be faced.

Another coffee?

I ask her then, in a wild attempt at escaping the heaviness of the revealing morning light.

Yes, she answers, giving me permission to drown my sorrows in the comforting black sea of a dark roast filter coffee, no milk.

I thought you'd never ask.