The Freedom Experiment

The Freedom Experiment

Everything is possible

What happens in the emptiness inbetween



Sometimes the words are not coming to me.

Staring on the blank page is like gazing up at a glacier, untouched and white.




Slowly, I am learning not to fear the emptiness.

It's just space, open and holy – like a church.




With time, I am seeing that what has helped me the most on my healing journey is to become comfortable in that empty space inbetween.

I don't have to act immediately. It is okay to wait.




And just like that, I don't fear being alone anymore,

because I know that I never really am.




On Tuesday, I craved a hug from my friend Jayne who lives in London – 720 miles away.

The next morning, I hugged her at Gatwick airport.

Booking plane tickets for the next day because you crave a hug may sound crazy.

But it made me incredibly, incredibly happy.




And isn't that what it's all about?

Life is a series of adventures and retreats.

Like right now I am in London, curled up on Jayne's sofa with a cup of tea and a blanket. I can smell vegetables roasting in the kitchen and hear the comforting sounds of Jayne cooking. I'm reading books on healing depression and creating habits.

I am writing words of encouragement and hope.




Life is about soaking in the moments when the busy world is standing still.

Nourish yourself with wonder and amazement.




You have to call upon this, when the darkness of the winter starts catching you in it's firm grip.

Remember, there will always be more magical moments.


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For those who believe.