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How to be Optimistic: The most important thing you need to know about hope


Look for rainbows. Look for stars.

It sounds whimsical. It might sound sweet for some. And it may sound a lot like sugar coated bullshit for most of us.

But you know what? The keyword isn't rainbows or stars (or unicorns, mermaids or fairies.)

The keyword is look.

Do something.

It feels like hope is something you either have or have not. I'm hopeless, we say. I have no hope.

We say it like it is completely beyond your power to get it back. Like you just have to wait for it to appear. Like hope is this little creature with it's own will, and you are completely at it's mercy.

It wasn't until I realized that hope is just like any other feeling that my life turned around.

When you feel sad, you cheer yourself up.

When you feel lonely you talk to someone.

And when you crave chocolate, you go out and buy some goddamned chocolate.

But most people, when they feel hopeless, they resign.

However, you need to understand this. In order to break this cycle of hopelessness you need to know one fundamental thing about hope.

Hope is like any other positive feeling you want to feel.

And you need to look for it.

Search your mind, search your heart, look for it in other people. Read books, make art, experience art, look for it in stories, and nature and spirituality.

Create it.

Do things that make you feel hopeful. Write lists. Take action. Make vision boards.

Build it.

Block by block, experience by experience. Take turtle steps towards your dream life. Count your blessings, celebrate your victories.

Nourish it.

Make hope a habit. Fan the flame. Do hopeful things like you brush your teeth and remember your keys. Be on the lookout. Fight for it if you must. Make it a priority in your life.

Soon you'll realise that hope isn't like luck and fate (and fairies). Hope isn't like winning the lottery.

Finding hope can be like stocking up on milk when you're running out.