The Freedom Experiment

The Freedom Experiment

Everything is possible

Abre la Puerta. Open the door.


Right in front of you, there is a door.

You will know which one I am talking about.

It's the door with the intricate wooden carvings, and the heavy brass handles. It's the beautifully crafted – heavy as hell – door that leads to the place that you have yet to perceive.

It's the door that you have been shying away from, all this time.

It's the challenge, the change, the opportunity, the thought, the belief, the hope and the healing.

It's the door that could lead to anywhere.

It's the door that will change everything.

Open it.

This is the door that leads to true transformation.

This is the door you have been waiting all your life to walk through.

This is the door to your inner sanctuary. The door to your freedom. The door to your dreams.

Open the door.

When I see you standing on the doorstep, I am yearning to take your hand and guide you gently though the opening and over to the other side.  I want to call out; just do it! Open it! What are you waiting for?

But I won't.

For this is not my door to enter. This is the part of the journey that I can't walk beside you. This is the door you must pass through, alone.

And as our hands ungrip and I send you forth, I hear you whisper softly; I can't.  But as soon as the words leave your lips, we both know it's not true.

Open the door.

Take the time you need, but don't linger.

You are meant to walk through this threshold, and many doors yet to come. You will be afraid, guaranteed. But fear is nothing but the expression of the motherly love you have for your inner child. All mothers are afraid, always. But it is not a fear belonging to the dark, this fear is a fear powered by love.

Open the door.

This is your time.

This is your hour.

This is your space.

This is your gateway to the land of the spirit. This is when you meet your soul's longing. This is the moment when you enter the next chapter of your story, the moment when you meet yourself ... at the entrance.

Abre la puerta.

Open the door.