The Freedom Experiment

The Freedom Experiment

Everything is possible

Let Me Lift Your Spirits


There are 14 billion hands to hold in this world, 14 billion eyes to look deep into, 7 billion people who share this crazy rollercoaster ride called life. You will find someone who loves weird stuff just as much as you do, someone who can't stop adoring you in the evening light. You will find a body that fits perfectly right next to yours, a friend, a lover, a soulmate.




Everything that you are has been here forever. Every cell, every particle, every mineral, every drop of water. You are a part of the greater whole and when you die you will remain in this world, for all time.




Somewhere on earth, someone is having the most wonderful day of their entire life. Somewhere someone is getting married, giving life, and someone is proposing to the love of their life on the top of the Eiffel Tower. Somewhere on earth, someone is watching the sunrise explode into amazing colors and greeting the new day.




You are the only one who thinks, feels and acts exactly as you do. Your body is constantly emitting light and glowing in the dark. In you, there are 0.2 milligrams of gold. You are made out of 7 octillion atoms. For comparison, there are only 300 billion stars.




Right now, I am lying in my bed in Oslo, listening to music in the candlelight, drinking tea and thinking of you. Don't give up hope. Follow your dreams. Remember that you are a miracle made out of love. Please never doubt that we need you on this earth. Hold on.




First posted on The Freedom Experiment Facebook page. All images & sources can be found on my Pinterest feed.