The Freedom Experiment

The Freedom Experiment

Everything is possible

Life, style and lifestyle: Is it worth the Price?


How many hours of worry did you pay for that house? How many sleepless nights did your education cost? How many anxiety attacks did you pay for your car? Are you really earning anything from your job, if you subtract the depression you pay for it?

How many dried up rivers did you pay for those packaged foods you love? How many Cambodian kids' futures did you pay for those clothes you just got at H&M? How many forests did you exchange for that furniture?

How many hours of foggy brain did you pay for that grande Starbucks extra sugar, extra dairy?

Extra sluggishness? Extra baby cows being taken away from their mothers? Extra cancer?

How many of your future grandchildren's lives are you paying for your consumption? And which one of your kids' kids' kids' are you willing to sacrifice?

How much of your soul are you paying to maintain that lifestyle?

It might be much more expensive than you think.

Are you willing to pay?

Is it worth it?

Love, Marthesignaturcropped