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Making Friends: Where can I meet more people like me?

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It's Easter weekend and I am lying in my bed, crying.

Whenever I open Facebook or Instagram, the cold hand of loneliness takes a firm hold of my heart and twists, squeezing the life force out of me and leaves only a hollow sense of emptiness behind. I see people smiling. I see people having fun skiing. I see people hanging out. Together.

And I am alone.

Yes, I had to study for my exams. Yes, I don't like skiing all that much.

But no, no one asked me.

To join. To come. How I was doing.

So, I cried and felt really sorry for myself. And I felt sorry for feeling sorry for myself. Loneliness is one of our last taboos. It's hard to realise that you are, in fact, feeling lonely.

There is a very short distance in the mind between "I'm lonely" and "no one likes me".

I've been feeling lonely most of my life. I grew up feeling very different. I was very different. I've learned to embrace that now, though. I think it makes me really awesome. And yes, it also (still) makes me feel lonely.

So that's when I realised that again, I have to go searching. I need to meet more people.

And as always, the question I fall back on is the following. This time though, I spent some time really thinking this through. And I thought you may want to know too:

"Where can I meet more people like me?" 


I realised that people like me hang out at conferences for lifestyle and entrepreneurship. Based on this, I've decided that this year it's time to return to Portland for my third World Domination Summit. The tickets are sold out, but there are still available tickets to the Academies. Also, if you are in Europe, I really recommend checking out Alive in Berlin. I was there last year, and the people are fabulous! Other cool meeting places I would love to go to are Camp GLP and the Stratejoy Summer Camp.

Meetup is great for meeting likeminded people in your city or town. Since joining a few months ago, I have gone to a few really awesome meetups in Oslo and met some really cool people! And if you can't find one where you are, start one!

Friends of friends

The best way to meet awesome people is to start with the awesome people and look at who they are friends with. Ask you friends to introduce you, or create some opportunities to meet together as a group. Host a friends-of-friends brunch!


Learn something new an meet some people who share your unique interests.  A few weeks ago, I went to a hula hoop dancing workshop and it was freakin' amazing. I don't think I have laughed that much in years!! And what about learning a new language, craft or movement style? Find something that makes you really happy and gleeful, chances are you will meet just the right people for you!

Blogs and social media

I think I have met 90 % of my friends through blogs and social media. To this day, I don't know if this makes me really really cool, or really really uncool! ;) Either way, some of the warmest and most open-minded people are online. Find the bloggers who live in your area – or just anyone you would love to be friends with. E-mail them! Invite them out for lunch! And start conversations with people through social media as well. The whole point of social media is to connect with others. Use it!

Heart Wide Open

I created Heart Wide Open along with Saar Grolleman because we were both longing for community and connection. In Heart Wide Open, Saar and I facilitate connection on a deep and fundamental level. You'll receive a daily e-mail of inspiration from us, and also get to connect with the other women in our shared group through writing, real letters and postcards, as well as phone calls and on Facebook. We are currently a group of more than 100 women of all ages from all over the world, and we are opening our hearts and growing together.

Your Turn: Where can I meet people like you? Comment below!


PS. A new group of Heart Wide Open starts June 1st. SIGN UP HERE on or before May 31 to start your year of HWO alongside other new open hearted friends! Saar and I will host an online welcome party on June 2nd. You are invited!