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Are you avoiding to see what is right in front of you?


Very often, we see what we want to see.

For a very long time, I ignored what I was really seeing – or not seeing, in my case. Over a period of time, my eyesight had started to become blurry, but I am too stubborn for my own good sometimes so I tried to not know what I really knew.

I need glasses.

However, I didn't want to need them, so I tried to convince myself that I didn't. I squinted. I avoided dim lighting. I increased the size of the type on my kindle screen. And for a million times over and over, I tried to up the background lighting on my screen, even though I knew I always had it on the highest setting.

Finally, earlier this year, I decided to take the plunge and get my eyes tested. By this point, the headaches and the dizziness had become a real problem.

So I went to the store and got my vision tested. And in this process, I learned a great deal about how my eyes work, how to take care of my eye health, and how I tend to avoid things at great length that usually aren't all that bad as I thought, once I get to it.

My intuition was right, and I did in fact need prescription eyeglasses. I even found some great cheap glasses that matched my style, and I think I look much smarter with them than when I was squinting in order to avoid the truth.

This story illustrates something that it took me very long to see. When something becomes too uncomfortable, I shut my eyes.

Like when I really knew that I didn't want to be in law school anymore, but I keep on pretending otherwise for years. Or when I saw that my relationship was about to end, but kept on clinging to the idea of the two of us for months after I should have let go. Or when all the signs were showing me that I was mentally ill, but I kept trying to hold everything together in order to avoid really seeing it.

The thing is, when you shut your eyes, the problems don't go away by themselves. Duh!


Are you avoiding to see what is right in front of you?

Here are some signs you may not be fully seeing:

:: You have a bad feeling about it

:: You are avoiding tasks, places, situations or people

:: You are spending a lot of energy pretending like everything is okay

:: You know it deep inside you

:: You over-compensate


It can be a really hard thing, to really see what we don't want to see.

It's uncomfortable as hell, when you first open your eyes and see that you have walked far far off the path. It can be really crushing to really see how bad things are.

But you know what is even worse?

To go through life blindly,

when all you really needed

was to open your eyes. 

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