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The Freedom Experiment

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Note to Self: It Gets Better

Note to self

You are on the right track. It might go slowly, but you are getting there. Keep on going. No one knows what is right around the corner. Keep exploring. Keep wandering. Never give up.

Life is continually getting better and sweeter and more meaningful. Don't discount all the progress based on a bad day. It's a bad morning, not a bad life.

It is okay to need other people. And not just okay, it is great to need other people. It means that you are human, and that you are capable of closeness. There is no limit to how much you can need. Every need is valid. And good. And worthy of being met.

Grief is a normal part of progress. Getting better, evolving, growing, healing – it is bittersweet, and that is okay too. Embrace the sadness, it gives depth to life, just as the laughter gives you heights. Don't judge your feelings. They are all okay, they all have a purpose, and they are all worthy of compassion and empathy.

On days when you feel like giving up, just curl up under the covers and watch movies and TV shows. The world can wait for a while, don't worry about all the things you think you should do. Self-care in the moment is much more important than almost anything else.

You are not alone. Never ever ever.

Just do your best. It is always good enough.

You are loved, even when you don't see it. Even when you don't believe it. Even when you do everything in your power to find proof of the opposite. You are loved, liked and appreciated. The world has a place for you. You are here for a reason.

A lot of pain can be eased by someone who cares. If you don't have anyone else, be that someone for yourself. Care about yourself the way you would care for someone you loved. It eases your own pain too.