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The Freedom Experiment

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Dream small, start big


Have you ever made the mistake of dreaming too big?

I know I have.

It's such a misconception in our culture that bigger is better – which is very far from the truth when it comes to making dreams come true. "Dream bigger" seems to be the collective motto, but most people don't really dream too small, they dream too big.

I'm sure you already have some BIG dreams.

Maybe you dream of owning a gorgeous house, living in a fancy place, living off your art and/or change your career. You might dream of writing a book, starting a charity, or having the perfect getaway wedding. No matter what you dream of, though, any dream that drastically would differ from your current life situation is a BIG dream.

The problem with big dreams, is that they are complex and overwhelming.

How do you make a decision to leave your home country behind, or to turn your career completely around when you have invested so much time and energy to get to where you are now?

How do you create a plan that involves changes throughout all areas of life?

...most people don't.

Instead of dreaming BIG, dream small.

Take your BIG dream and find the small-dream equivalent.

Make your current home gorgeous. Seek out all the fancy places in your area. Start selling your art to family and friends. Change your position or your workplace to take it one step in the new direction you want.

Start writing a blog, write an article for a magazine, or write a short story. Volunteer. Create a really romantic date night.

Make enough small dreams happen enough times, and you'll find yourself living your dream life BIG time.

You already have everything it takes to make your life amazingly inspiring and joyful. All you have to do is to change your approach to making your dreams happen. Think creatively and be open to seeing your dreams from new perspectives.

And when the time comes to start making it happen, don't make the mistake of starting too small. While dreams are more achievable when you make them smaller, you need to make them happen by make your actions bigger.

Go ALL IN to make your current home the best it can be. Don't just think about the fancy places you would like to visit one day, pick up the phone and book the tables. Make AMAZING art and set your prices where they should be. Check in with your manager about a change or give your notice, tomorrow.

Start that blog this coming weekend and commit to posting at least once a week. Call up a great local charity and commit to a set number of hours. Make that date happen, and while you're at it, plan your proposal.

Most people dream too big and take too small action.

Most people don't make their dreams come true.

Switch it around.

Life is too short to just dream.





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